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software that can be used to develop interactive computer programs without the technically demanding task of computer programming

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An example of a CAI system with a different authoring language is the Blaise System developed by Statistics Netherlands (see Bethlehem 1997).
Computer-Assisted Instruction: Authoring Languages.
A second course activity, the development of an original piece of software using the authoring language PILOT, enhances the students' sense of confidence and commitment to the use of computers in instruction.
Because Technicolor possesses a great deal of expertise in the Blu-ray authoring language BD-Java, the company is well positioned to process discs through a variety of tests to ensure standards compatibility, format integrity, and advise content producers on how to improve the disc behavior.
s Imsatt-2000 Authoring Language to develop the presentations.
The company has long contributed to a community standards process, driven by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), to create the Device Independent Authoring Language (DIAL) specification.
The academy's new technique for teaching a foreing language uses an icon-based authoring language to develop a blueprint of the entire lesson.
Any programming language or authoring system can be used in the coding process; however, an authoring language couples the flexibility of a programming language with some features available in more advanced authoring systems.
Web Content and GUI Authoring Language Support Formats -- CSS1, CSS2 and CSS TV -- English (Unicode, ASCII, UTF and ISO) -- DOM2 -- Chinese, Japanese and Korean (Unicode, ISO and EU) -- HTML 4.
org/ -- Today, the World Wide Web Consortium announces the publication of the Device Independence Authoring Language (DIAL), which facilitates authoring for an ever-expanding range of mobile devices.
Furthermore, by introducing Microsoft Visual Basic as our primary rule authoring language, we give Abiliti's products the same familiar customization capability as Microsoft Office and other Windows applications.
Murray has been directing our product development progression, including the authoring language transition to Windows(R) and now to browser-based and the significant expansion of the PLATO library with problem-solving courseware, single topic products, and the industry's most comprehensive reading curriculum.