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software that can be used to develop interactive computer programs without the technically demanding task of computer programming

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Usually, specification languages of CAI systems (so-called authoring languages) do not contain interviewer instructions.
Coursewriter (in later versions II and III) developed into an authoring language for computer-assisted instruction, as reported by Reeves (1986).
This is the authoring language used to compose a page in Netscape or Mosaic.
Although HyperCard is a complex authoring language, its basic commands are easy to learn.
Under DOS 4.0, FLAME developers use the Quest authoring language, from Allen Communications, to create most of the multimedia applications.
A second course activity, the development of an original piece of software using the authoring language PILOT, enhances the students' sense of confidence and commitment to the use of computers in instruction.
Computer Teaching Corp.'s Ten-CORE Authoring Language was used to create the courseware.