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software that can be used to develop interactive computer programs without the technically demanding task of computer programming

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Murray has been directing the Company's product development progression, including the authoring language transition to Windows(R) and now to browser-based, and the significant expansion of the PLATO library with problem-solving courseware, single-topic products, and the industry's most comprehensive reading curriculum.
Presentations developed with SST use a slide carousel as a metaphor and include sound and motion without having to use complex authoring language.
Information can be updated at a moment's notice without any knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language, the authoring language used to create documents on the World Wide Web).
What's unique in DESIGN-A-COURSE is that there is no programming or authoring language required.
Leveraging on the strength of its proprietary, integrated authoring language and specialized multimedia engines, Music Pen has once again created a dynamic adventure certain to tap into the natural curiosity of children.
While using the same underlying technology to achieve results, the look and navigation of the user interface can be quickly and easily customized to the geographic market and multiple customer demographics, using simple Web authoring languages like HTML.
Other authoring languages are also available for use with various computers.
The technology does not require Internet publishers to use customized authoring languages and therefore also allows mobile users access to a vast amount of existing content produced by developers.
Regardless of games' source or authoring languages, operators can deliver them as on-demand assets to settops, PCs and wireless devices, just like any other video file.
Another EYE 2000 converts video games developed utilizing Direct X or Open GL authoring languages, including most games developed in the last two years -- such as Electronic Arts' (Nasdaq:ERTS) "NHL 2002," Activision's "Tony Hawk Proskater I & II," and Lucas Arts' "Rogue Squadron" -- into perfect 3D.
Combining Java and PowerMedia will allow anyone to create and publish a new breed of active, multimedia documents on the World Wide Web that goes beyond what is possible with today's Web authoring languages and tools.