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of or by or typical of an author


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Here within the prose biography Warren the narrator "recollects" his source, "Mortmain," as he will also "recollect" it authorially when he allows it, even though "wrong" in "general" chronological terms, to become the conclusion to his text.
At the same time, the best Sufi authors draw near to each other, even merging, textually and authorially, due both to their joint proximity to a common Origin, and to their influence on each other, via the spiritual-social network linking them together.
Sidney's golden world poetic is so frequently couched in the language of natural law, and so persistently motivated by fears of self-love and tyranny, not by virtue of some loose correspondence between friend and mentor, but rather -- as Philisides' fable makes clear -- as the authorially explicit debt of a student to a teacher.
I am presently unwilling to commit myself to the view that metaphor is a case of 'impertinent predication' rather than 'deviant denomination', but Paul Ricoeur's demonstration of the limits of a nominalist and substitutive understanding of metaphor (the rhetorical understanding, in other words) encourages me to reject my authorially interpellated role as interpreter of dreams and, consequently, to refuse to follow those exit signs O'Brien's text so clearly illuminates.
This is an authorially approved reading as it can be linked to the author's public admission of a concern with morality.
Like Dante's pilgrim in Inferno, he walks beneath a Mountain--not Purgatory, but Kilimanjaro (associated both locally and authorially with death).
In practice, identifying either a first or an authorially definitive key for many of Faure's earlier songs can be as elusive as defining exact chronology.
my basic claims and especially my citation of what I see as authorially introduced and intended patterns have been dismissed or ignored" (SHAKSPER 3 June).
Even so, these offspring, Shakespeare's sonnets, Lope's secular Rimas, do have the simulacrum of a sole parent by whom, bastards though they may seem to be, they are authorially recognized as the first step in the legal process of legitimization.
It is, of course, true that 'there is no perfect, authorially sanctioned text of a script for performance' (p.
The Oxford editors' belief that F represents "an authorially revised text" owes a good deal to a chapter in Nevill Coghill's Shakespeare's Professional Skills (1964), where he detected a "strategy of revision" that linked several of the longer F additions; he argued that the added material strengthened the play's effectiveness in the theater.
15) These authorially identified characters" collusion in the final cover-up suggests Glasgow's acknowledgement of her own previous acceptance of the upper-class Southern legend.
They provide "snapshots of important productions and premieres, glimpses into initially established, authorially sanctioned traditions, and insights into the psychology and aesthetics of stage productions in the late nineteenth century" (p.
About the person responsible, authorially, for the manuscript -- who composed and arranged its contents, evidently, and who had the thing built, written, and decorated (possibly doing some or all of this work personally as well) -- nothing is known, except what he tells in the manuscript he gave the English king in about 1492-93.
Nevertheless, I fundamentally share Cohn's "skeptical assessment of all manners of simple and stable correspondence of modal type and moral stance" and the investigation of alternatives to what she calls "the traditional link between authorially focalized novels and clear normative values.