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of or by or typical of an author


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The subject matter of the contract is the provision by the contractor of maintenance and authorial maintenance services for the centaur and nbp-heart software.
While no writer can expect his interpretations to resonate with all readers, Tate succeeds in luring the audience by retaining authorial integrity and narrating as much from the heart as from the head.
Rhetorical theorists of narrative discuss the implied author (as the agent who is responsible for all the choices) in one of two ways: they either believe that they are able to assume the position of the authorial audience (i.
Gerard Genette (1997) tells us that the authorial preface is a
However, she sets up a broad test for the interaction of authorship and categories like "Good Quarto," "Bad Quarto," and (in Shakespeare's case) "Folio," achieves confused results, which, if anything, show that authorship classifications survive any differences between "authorial" and "orally transmitted" texts (177, 216-17) and then concentrates on individual cases of classification to or away from the expected authorial group or transmission type.
The problem with analyzing the authorial lives of Victorian women (or perhaps any authors, or any women) may not be so much a "false binary," as the falseness of any binary--that is, any conceptual form that considers only two relevant positions in play at once.
I mention this because Jan Cronin, like various other critics, gets herself deeply tangled in questions of authorial intent.
Similarly, Tolstoy seems to privilege authorial intention as the final word on an artist's work, but often makes comprehending authorial intention difficult.
In Greenstadt's view, the literary theme of rape, and the discourse of rape and wider notions of feminine gendering, underpinned Early Modern authorial anxieties.
draws attention to Vanhoozer's use of speech-act theory to provide an account of meaning as authorial intention understood in terms of the action of an author--what he has done in, with, and through the text--not as it exists in his mind.
The fact that this edition, like that of 1532, contains authorial press variants was announced in 1985 by Angelo Stella in a conference paper, which unfortunately was never published.
This text, like Montaigne's Essais, portrays a strong authorial "je" that directs and sometimes misleads the reader's attention.
On the theoretical level, being able to account for these two sets of responses will also mean accounting for the relations between two audiences that rhetorical theory often separates, the authorial audience and flesh and blood readers.
Admittedly the use of slang terms can become somewhat wearing--James II was 'drummed out of the country'--as can the off-hand (and not always accurate) treatment of history and the authorial pronouncements: 'The English have an abiding horror of homosexuality and bisexuality'.
The Trouble with Ownership: Literary Property and Authorial Liability in England, 1660-1730.