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23) Hutton's repetition of these "in"-ward prefixes (insulation, interest, intensity) as modifiers for female novelists signals his own belief in the inscribed nature of the feminine imagination; these authoresses are not so much actively creating as immersing themselves within a preexisting story.
She wrote, "we had a vague impression that authoresses are liable to be looked on with prejudice.
And though those days of authoresses and poetesses are firmly and happily behind us, I am very much aware that the imaginative space I write from is one very much bound up with being in Wales, with my mother and grandmother.
Indeed, the successful resurrection, indexation, and veneration of forgotten Irish authoresses in tomes such as the Field Day Anthology of Women's Writing and Mary Pierse's recent compendium of Irish Feminisms 1810-1930 highlights the currency in reorienting critical spotlights on that which is marginalised.
There he was, woefully underdressed amid a bevy of bejeweled French authoresses in haute couture, but nonetheless holding his own admirably well against Parisian creme de la creme.