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102} For the reasons which enable us to identify the island of the two Sirens with the Lipari island now Salinas--the ancient Didyme, or "twin" island--see The Authoress of the Odyssey, pp.
103} See Admiral Smyth on the currents in the Straits of Messina, quoted in "The Authoress of the Odyssey," p.
More probably the prophecy was an afterthought, intercalated, as I have already said, by the authoress when she changed her scheme.
which I suppose had been written already, before the authoress had determined on making Minerva so prominent a character.
122} I take the following from The Authoress of the Odyssey, p.
148} It is plain, therefore, that Iris was commonly accepted as the messenger of the gods, though our authoress will never permit her to fetch or carry for any one.
The feat is absurdly impossible, but our authoress sometimes has a soul above impossibilities.
It is plain that all the authoress cared about was that the women should be hanged: as for attempting to realise, or to make her readers realise, how the hanging was done, this was of no consequence.
186} So practised a washerwoman as our authoress doubtless knew that by this time the web must have become such a wreck that it would have gone to pieces in the wash.
The trio's name is derived from Tirimo's love for Cyprus and a piece of work by the German-Austrian composer Franz Schubert named Rosamunde Furstin von Zypern, or Rosamunde, Princess of Cyprus, which was inspired by a romantic play written by the German authoress Hemina von Chezy.
Speaking of books, Nelle Harper Lee, an American authoress who penned "To Kill a Mockingbird" (J.
There is this smartly-written sequence in a hotel room where Yudi and Aanchal the one-book wonder and the pulpy authoress on the rise share a platonic bed that soon turns into an occasion for subtle mating games.
It is forbidden to use the linguistic feminine endings in words such as waitress, actress, or authoress.
Not a good look, wouldn't wish it on anybody Natalie Rowe, authoress of Chief Whip: Memoirs Of A Dominatrix Heart attacks are the last thing I need as I take the Jack Russells for their daily Writer Frederick Forsyth on hearing that TV's Kate Humble has a habit of walking naked through the countryside I leave home at 4.
I mean, the only career I would like to be besides an authoress is a cinema star, and I was doing quite well in the cinema when Mr.