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the name that appears on the by-line to identify the author of a work

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The author's name may not be mentioned in case it is evident from the context which author's work is referred to (e.
In the report, "Controlling the Last Known Cluster of Ebola Virus Disease--Liberia, January--February 2015," an author's name was misspelled.
In a recent article, (1) the second author's name is Premal Patel.
Please include a covering letter specifying the article title, author's name, address and telephone number with the original manuscript and inclusions.
On page 222 of the October-December 2013 issue, the third author's name was misspelled.
Include the title, or short descriptor, on top of each page, but do not include the author's name.
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program for elective abdominal surgery at three Victorian hospitals Thompson EGE, Gower ST, Beilby DS, Sophie S, Tomlinson S, Guest GD, Richard R, Serpell JS, Myles PS The fourth author's name should read S.
The third author's name was incorrectly listed as "Lindsay, M.
Letters must include the author's name, city of residence, working phone number, and if the author is a nurse.
Standfirst style like this with only author's name picked out in MYRIAD PRO BLACK CONDENSED CAPS like this Just 15 miles from South America's coast, the island is just outside the hurricane belt and receives yearround sunshine and cooling trade winds, making it one of the most temperate of the Caribbean islands - the average temperature is 28 degrees C
It should include a title, the author's name (and co-authors), the speaker's name and the basic content summarized.
For those not familiar with the Scottish Gaelic language, "Sassenach" is a disparaging term used by Highlanders to describe someone of Saxon descent, so this bitter rant was not accompanied by the "real" author's name.
is inspired by satirist late Sharad Joshi's Tum Kab Jaaoge Atithi , will mention the author's name in the opening credits itself.
As discussed in "The First Word" in the Spring 2009 issue ofJAA, in-text citations typically include the author's name and the year of publication.
The letter was released by the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, but the author's name was withheld for security reasons.