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the name that appears on the by-line to identify the author of a work

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If a reference has more than seven authors, the first six names will be listed as usual, but then three ellipsis points will be inserted before adding the last author's name (p.
The letter was released by the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, but the author's name was withheld for security reasons.
I would be so glad if any ECHO reader who might have the book would let me have the author's name and/or the publishers.
Type in the author's name 'Anthony Blight' for further details and availability.
In the originally published article, an author's name was incorrectly spelled "Maserejan".
Any with more than a light interest in Japanese embroidery will readily recognize the author's name, for Shizuka Kusano is one of Japan's premiere textile artists, and her 'canvases' are the kimono, obi, and tapestries.
Each abstract lists an entry number, title, author's name and affiliation, and complete bibliographic information.
The author's name is close to my own, so there may be a moment of confusion here.
He begins with the initial concepts for a report--tide page, Cataloguing in Publication data (the CIP is one of those things, such as ISSN and ISBN, that is not always needed in a report, but necessary for books), authorship and consistency in author's name.
Each page should be numbered and marked with the author's name and the name of the story.
The title page should include the running head and page number in the upper right-hand corner, a title that is centered in the upper haft of the page (double-space the title if it is two or more lines), and the names of authors, in the order of their contributions, starting one double-spaced line below the title with the institutional affiliation centered under the author's name.
WilsonWeb customers can now click from article citations to Scirus to conduct an automatic search of the author's name for access to more than 167 million science-specific Web pages, or they can use the Scirus search to find other articles by the author, biographical or contact data, or related information.
Gold embossing of the title and the author's name just begins its description.
The author's name should appear only on the cover sheet.
The fact-checkers and the proofreaders ought to have been allowed one last look, too: the portrait of Shelley by Severn that adorns the cover of volume one appears in reverse in the entry under 'Shelley'; among other minor irritations I noticed that Balzac's Lost Illusions is once rendered as Lest Illusions; and a bibliographical entry under 'Soane' gives its author's name as Dean Ptolemy, rather than Ptolemy Dean.