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Synonyms for authenticate

Synonyms for authenticate

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establish the authenticity of something

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Holdings provides technology for authentication and certification companies.
Global Authentication is a consumer protection provider of value-added services to dealers and collectors of sports, entertainment and historical memorabilia.
Corillian's Intelligent Authentication solution has been an invaluable addition to our security program," said Eric Bangerter, director of Internet Services at UWCU.
Intelligent Authentication uses a patent-pending, multi-layered approach to authenticate online banking users.
Intelligent Authentication strikes that critical balance by providing a strong online authentication solution without disrupting the convenient online experience.
The product supports the OATH OTP algorithm published by The Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH), an industry-wide collaboration to develop open reference architecture by leveraging existing open standards for the universal adoption of strong authentication.
the world leader in two-factor authentication, would also license USB authentication technology.
The USB authentication tokens are expected to gain an increasing share of the total hardware authentication devices market, and hybrid tokens may dominate the USB tokens segment of the market in future," notes Baben.
Combining Steel-Belted RADIUS with Alcatel's User Authentication Service provides standards-based transactional and database access advantages for enterprise customers as well as services providers.
The product comes as an optional bundle with Alcatel's Authentication Service.
What I like best about Steel-Belted Radius is that its designed to do one thing manage the authentication of remote users and it does it very well.
Steel-Belted Radius runs on either a Novell NetWare file server (as a NetWare Loadable Module), or on a Windows NT server or workstation (as an NT service), and processes authentication requests from any RADIUS-compliant remote access server, firewall, or router on the network.