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Synonyms for authenticate

Synonyms for authenticate

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establish the authenticity of something

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Integrity: Stored data encryption should eliminate integrity issues by authenticating tape media at the block level.
Records managers have two basic options for authenticating transaction content (i.
This would have required a greater investment on Wilson's part into "eclectic phase" narratives, along with the accompanying authenticating strategies - in this case, the rich detail of the story, the ghosts who seem to confirm it, the fascinating, almost mythic qualities to the narrative.
Card Scanning will incorporate digital watermarking inspection capabilities into its portfolio of ID reading and verification solutions to help customers such as retailers, insurers and auto dealerships fight identity theft and fraud by reliably authenticating driver licenses presented as proof of identity and age.
CRYPTOCard's versatile authentication technology has enabled Pegasus to work with LCRA to develop a unique solution to an increasingly common problem - positively authenticating remote workers over the phone," said Matt Tucker, President, Pegasus Technologies.
The Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) has taken a major step forward in this arena by announcing today it has launched a major project aimed at authenticating financial institutions to their customers.
We were honored to have participated in the Department of Transportation driver license authentication pilot, which gave our staff, the police and retailers a new and very effective tool for authenticating Nebraska driver licenses and preventing under-aged kids from obtaining or using fake IDs to purchase alcohol and drive," said Beverly Neth, director, Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.
Viisage is helping to make the use of e-passports a travel advantage for citizens of these countries by quickly and securely authenticating e-passports.
The technology is named RAAS(TM) and uses a concept of "reverse authentication," where a bank customer is able to authenticate a bank server before authenticating him/herself to the bank server.
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