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established as genuine

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Prying further into the manuscript, I found the record of other doings and sufferings of this singular woman, for most of which the reader is referred to the story entitled "THE SCARLET LETTER"; and it should be borne carefully in mind that the main facts of that story are authorized and authenticated by the document of Mr.
They met on the ground of unreserved confidence, which was authenticated by an affectionate wink now and then.
The works were authenticated by Frank Preusser, a senior research scientist for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Remote and local administration will require authenticated user access, role-based privileges, and proven crypto key processing.
Today, users of wireless laptop computers and PDAs connect to the network anywhere on the "HMS Wireless Quad" through a single, authenticated login.
Credit, debit, and ATM transactions are authenticated differently than personal checks.
The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), which was intended to facilitate electronic commerce, removes legal barriers to recognizing electronically authenticated (or signed) transactions as valid.
His own life is no longer authenticated by the piano and its mythological connection to the past.
Working on behalf of a cross-industry group, Allman submitted the draft specification for Domain Keys Authenticated Mail (DKIM) for assessment by the Internet Engineering Task Force.
That said, e-mail authentication would certainly allow recipients to identify and prosecute large-scale authenticated spammers, and to stop spoofed malicious e-mail at the gates.
Together, IdenTrust and RightPath are undertaking the transition of this paper to electronic, digitally signed forms in which all parties in the supply chain are authenticated throughout the end-to-end process.
It is the first NAC product to deliver all of the following key security components: wire-speed authenticated and validated access to all users throughout the network; protection from security threats and malicious behavior; continuous compliance inspection; and a fully integrated Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) engine.
By supporting Postfix, enterprises using Postfix MTAs will be able to plug into Sendmail's Trusted Unified Messaging Platform to enable clean, compliant, secure and authenticated messaging without making a change in their MTA of choice.