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Synonyms for authenticate

Synonyms for authenticate

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establish the authenticity of something

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In one futuristic scenario, authentication could occur without a user even noticing: When you walk into a store, facial recognition could identify and authenticate you.
“The addition of the Amped Authenticate technology to our line of products will finally empower our customers to analyze an image using many techniques that previously were not available outside of the scientific community.”
To authenticate the photograph, the prosecutor can place on the stand the detective who took the picture or any officer who witnessed the transaction and elicit that the image actually represents the person, package, place, and time.
"ProID Voice offers businesses a unique service that can authenticate consumers' identities before granting them access or privileges only available to a consumer whose identity has been authenticated."
Nolan details the efforts to authenticate the painting and explains the forensic science involved in that endeavor.
Entrust, along with Northrop Grumman IT's other teammates, PEC and Schlumberger, have partnered to provide the FBI with the solutions to properly authenticate individuals before granting them access to electronic information or systems; ensuring the secure and appropriate exchange of information between intelligence agencies and assets; and enabling FBI employees to transparently encrypt data, and digitally sign documents and email.
The ability to trace and authenticate a food product is of major concern to the food industry.
It eliminates the need for users to log in separately to multiple applications: the security credentials established for the user at logon time are used to authenticate the user when connecting to SQL Server.
Combining protectfile with ActivCard Gold digital identity management software embedded into smart card and USB dongle substantially enhances the security level of the encryption solution: To access protectfile's encryption services, protectfile's users will have to authenticate themselves with a two factor solution based on "something you know," i.e., a password or a PIN; and "something you have," i.e., a smart card or a USB dongle.
Confronting the mainstream, the vernacular form offers a means to communicate and authenticate perceptions of the inequities and the tragicomic "realities" of the historic and systemic deprivation and discrimination endured by African Americans.
Adoption of one approach over another is determined by the importance of the documents the organization wants to authenticate and secure.
It is these digital signatures that help internet users authenticate each other and guarantee the integrity of information they transmit.
Using digital signatures to authenticate and record senders' and recipients' identities, the service allows a user to track digital media files in real time and tailors delivery to the recipient's system configuration, memory, and bandwidth availability.
** How will you authenticate customers and suppliers you encounter on the Internet?
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