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Cardinal: "It is necessary to recreate an authentically Catholic climate, to find again the meaning of the Church as Church of the Lord, as the locus of the real presence of God in the world.
Joel Grey is one of the ghosts in this authentically grimy, sooty production, which Stewart put together with Robert Halmi Sr.
A local classics don promtly ridiculed their Latinity, but as I showed, both phraseology and vocabulary are authentically Ciceronian.
Morris' story is exciting on its own terms, but the filmmakers seem unable to comprehend how to tell it originally and authentically, without resorting to the same story arc we've seen in countless other sports movies.
The ongoing JCPenney and MTV partnership is a co-branded effort to authentically reach youth," said Tim Rosta, MTV's senior vice president of integrated marketing.
John Cavadini, chairman of the theology department, described it as a very special appointment: "He speaks an authentic Catholic message and he speaks it in an authentically prophetic way.
Real-life cattleman Wylie Gustafson offers a pleasant combination of authentically rendered trail tales and slicker stuff that sounds more suitable for an old Gene Autry show.
Featuring fruits, vegetables and meat produced by local mid-western farmers, the entire cuisine for the night is slow-cooked and authentically prepared.
The relationship between the sisters is just as authentically observed; their emotional bond has the supportive, tensile strength of a million strands, despite their constant bickering and unerasable resentments.
In a message addressed to a group of pilgrims of the Faith and Light Association, who came to Rome in 1975 for the Holy Year, Paul VI wrote that attention to handicapped persons is `the most important test of a fully human family, of a truly civilized society, a fortiori of a Church that is authentically Christian.
Our goal in creating Renaissance was to authentically communicate this long history in a visually arresting way.
While the melancholy sound of these Hollywood-bred neo-Appalachians is authentically rustic - just Welch and Rawlings pickin' and singin' - the down-homey stuff is kept to a charming fling here, a melancholy waltz there.
The Australian filmmaking team known collectively as Working Dog (they made the little- seen gem ``The Castle'') start to deliver one authentically offbeat character after another, making a town - and an era - come alive in the process.
The goal is to help teachers engage students more actively and authentically in examining America's Industrial Revolution.
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