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This internationally acclaimed show authentically revives the sublime harmonies of New Jersey's finest.
More 'lessons learned' if the kiddie impersonation tilt is produced again should definitely include a more authentically childlike context for the competition.
The improved Frys Authentically Durban range is now available in the frozen section in most major supermarkets.
King helpfully presents case studies that range from an individual blogger succeeding in connecting with readers to mega-retailer Target failing to authentically respond to online criticism.
These delicious pots otter those seeking quality, flavoursome and authentically tasting noodles a fabulously healthy alternative.
The taste is authentically German helles, I like this a lot," Tess said.
In this Diamond Jubilee year, when Coventry is hosting Olympic events, it would be great if all our guides could be dressed authentically.
A SPECIALIST food producer is launching its first ever authentically Welsh pt to celebrate St David's Day this year.
We're attracted to happy people--not frenetic, false-sounding, "things are perfect in my life"-styled people--but rather authentically happy people.
All are created with natural ingredients and are free from artificial colours and flavourings, in addition to being authentically sourced.
Such categories come rather close to Heidegger's attempt to relate being to existence; namely the challenge to exist authentically, as Berenger does when he manages to not succumb to rhinoceritis, versus inauthentically, as in the case of those who are transformed into rhinos.
He decided the place should be authentically Catholic.
Chef Mark Cox of Mark's American Cuisine (1658 Westheimer Road; 713-523-3800) creates authentically inspired international dishes with American touches.
Historic buildings from all around the Black Country have been moved and authentically rebuilt at the museum.
He avoided fancy words, expressing his common sense observations about the people and events of Washington in a voice as authentically American as Mark Twain's.