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Synonyms for authentic

Synonyms for authentic

worthy of belief, as because of precision or faithfulness to an original

Synonyms for authentic

conforming to fact and therefore worthy of belief


Related Words

not counterfeit or copied

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It concentrates mainly on reducing the writing difficulties through the use of authentic materials and investigates the possibilities of applying various kinds of authentic materials and authentic tasks to enhance writing e-mails and motivate learners.
Authentic leaders are self-aware, express themselves openly and honestly, and constantly unveil and act in harmony with their personal values and beliefs (Walumba et al.
Authentic is an intelligent transaction-processing platform designed for todays fast-changing payments business, and the new release delivers more than 55 new features and improvements.
Delortae Agency[TM] were the first UK company to introduce independent luxury authentication and appraisal service as well as the first UK company to introduce a luxury authentic BagSPA with exclusive luxury BagSPA product distribution.
Authentic Leadership: Clashes, Convergences and Coalescences
Authentic leadership, psychological ownership and work engagement are three such emerging constructs that hold considerable promise.
How does the existence of such counterfeits affect the sales of authentic products?
Realia and authentic materials increase learners' motivation but are difficult to adapt to the learner's level of language, especially at the beginning level.
The Uncommon Path of Awakening Authentic Joy: An Integral Guide to Uncovering Concealed Conditioning" is a metaphysical philosophy book hoping to help readers find the true happiness.
Welsh ready meals will soon be on the menu alongside paella and gazpacho following a Spanish export deal secured by the Authentic Curry Company.
For a potato dish with a spicy twist, The Authentic Food Company has launched new Bombay Potatoes.
Beginning with an introduction to food in Santa Fe; a description of the Santa Fe kitchen, a guide to chiles; and a listing of authentic Santa Fe ingredients; a section devoted to Sauces and Salsas; and the basics of taco or tostada shells, pickled red onions; and safron rice.
Authentic leaders love, challenging people to do what they didn't believe was possible.
The Authentic Eye: Revisiting Folk Art Masterworks" is a privately published compendium of 68 works of art which taken collectively provide a retrospective of some of the most significant artifacts and artworks that antiquities dealer David Wheatcroft has been privileged to represent over the past 25 years.