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Synonyms for authentic

Synonyms for authentic

worthy of belief, as because of precision or faithfulness to an original

Synonyms for authentic

conforming to fact and therefore worthy of belief


Related Words

not counterfeit or copied

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"We wanted to partner with Authentic Vision because they share our vision of the
Mohammed and Barrister Ibrahim Zailani which were issued to Journalists in Bauchi, such elements allegedly embarked on removing and replacing the authentic list of delegates recognized by the National headquarters of the party whom they suspect 'will not do their bidding'.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), SHCC, Dr Minhaj A Qidwai, Director Monitoring and Evolution, Dr Suleman Otho, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Authentic Smartphone App, Syed Hashim Hasan and others were present.
In the early 1990's, Terry (1993) released one of the first "how-to" books regarding authentic leadership and the search for meaning within self.
From these discussions, it is evident that gaps exist in engaging emerging Black OT leaders among students, hence the strategic importance of the National Student Leadership Camp and its focus on authentic leadership development for Black emerging student leaders.
Examining authentic leadership: Development of a four-dimensional scale and identification of a nomological network.
It concentrates mainly on reducing the writing difficulties through the use of authentic materials and investigates the possibilities of applying various kinds of authentic materials and authentic tasks to enhance writing e-mails and motivate learners.
Authentic leaders are self-aware, express themselves openly and honestly, and constantly unveil and act in harmony with their personal values and beliefs (Walumba et al., 2008).
An authentic nurse is always seeking to advance the professional role of the nurse, the profession of nursing practice, and the care of the patient.
One appropriate models and strategy to achieve these objectives is by using authentic assessment strategies with a model of STAD (Student Teams Assisted Division).
A key part of the initiative is the Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque, a stamp of authenticity, provenance and quality for rums produced in 13 Caribbean countries.