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Synonyms for authentic

Synonyms for authentic

worthy of belief, as because of precision or faithfulness to an original

Synonyms for authentic

conforming to fact and therefore worthy of belief


Related Words

not counterfeit or copied

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Delortae Agency[TM] were the first UK company to introduce independent luxury authentication and appraisal service as well as the first UK company to introduce a luxury authentic BagSPA with exclusive luxury BagSPA product distribution.
As an advocate of personal achievement and an active lifestyle, Dwayne Johnson is an inspiring role model who mirrors the values and inherent characteristics of Authentic Apparel's collection.
The nine lines being exported include the company's authentic curries, its authentic world foods range--which include dishes such as Celtic Pride Welsh Beef lasagne and pasta dishes--and newly launched gourmet dishes such as butter chicken.
We also agree that in the new millennium authentic leadership development is a key component for a collegiate-level leadership program.
The effective leader is a master at using authentic personal power to attract people to a cause, inspire them to work together to accomplish results and feel good about being a member of the team.
Authentic Electronic Records: Strategies for Long-Term Access
In a "Dear Healthcare Professional" letter posted on the Food and Drug Administration's Medwatch Web site, Ethicon described features that can help distinguish the authentic mesh from the counterfeit version.
The buzz began with a March Wall Street Journal article singing hosannas to Gibson's $25 million epic, which the director promised would be the most authentic and historically accurate film ever made of the Passion.
It's "right next door," part of the United States, and you'll experience authentic Latin culture, diverse activities and 500 years of rich history.
After Pilate's death in 1960, Contrology became known as Pilates, and Romana became the focus of this method, personally training those that would become authentic Pilates instructors.
Using various career counseling processes, each client developed an authentic identity and found meaningful work through an experience with synchroniciey.
Technology promised to ease some of the logistical burdens that come with authentic assessment.
For authentic professional success, stay true to yourself