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a filmmaker who has a personal style and keeps creative control over his or her works

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Rather, this recognition of Huber and Peranson's auteurist project is meant to perform a different set of tasks: first, to acknowledge the preceding interest in Deja Vu and its acceptance (in certain quarters) as superlative film art; second, to highlight this essay's engagement with a recognized object of film art, rather than with cultural detritus--to respond to Deja Vu is to engage with the extraordinary, not the ordinary; and third, to provide an analogy in Hitchcock's similar passage from exemplary auteur to a subject of theoretical interest.
Ideologically situating itself against the "First" cinema of Hollywood and its imitators and the "Second" cinemas of the art and auteurist traditions of Europe, Third Cinema, influenced nevertheless by Italian Neo-Realism, the stylistics of the French Nouvelle Vague, and the documentary tradition as well as by theories of guerrilla warfare and Third World revolution, presented itself as an militant alternative to nascent national cinemas in the Third World where nations often already exhibit elements of cultural hybridity given the non-evolutionary nature of many national divisions originally created under colonial domination.
He died eighteen months after it first aired, and the kind of uncompromising auteurist television that Berlin Alexanderplatz seemed to announce was to remain a rarity.
Although this reading poses a problem for an auteurist view of Minnelli, the critical world has always been divided about this issue, regarding him as, at the least, very talented but always the MGM employee.
Recognizing Billy Budd in Beau Travail: Epistemology and Hermeneutics of an Auteurist 'Free' Adaptation.
You can't turn him into a modern auteurist fantasy figure absolved of all those studio constraints.
I want to discuss My Best Friend's Wedding in relation to three associated topics: its relation to classic screwball comedy and the other recent attempts to rethink that genre in contemporary terms; its auteurist relationship with Muriel's Wedding; and the current widespread uses of gay characters in contemporary comedies.
In "Horror Beyond the Camera: Cultural Sources of Violence in Hitchcock's Mid-Century America," Thomas Hemmeter eschews the formalism and aesthetic focus of the auteurist tradition in critical analysis of Hitchcock's Psycho (1960).
He is now working on his next auteurist project, which will be set in Macedonia around the turn of the century, and in present-day New York.
Most studies of Psycho carry forward the aesthetic focus of the auteurist tradition in Hitchcock film analysis (e.
Amidst these many dynamic trends, the old auteurist ideal remains in place.
For all these wonderful provocations, it is the short italicized paragraph at the head of the Reviews section that whispers the real revolution that had begun months earlier under editor Ingrid Sischy's auteurist reign.
The auteurist connections with City of Hope are fairly clear: a multi-cultural, multi-racial community, each group with its spokespeople, its successes and failures; characters' lives interweaving in complex ways; conflicts between the generations; a concern with politics and the balance between corrupt power and serving the people; a sense of fairness towards most of the characters, so that, despite their flaws, we can see why they act as they do.
The question to ask ourselves without any priori is whether French cinema should not do away with an auteurist position that cuts off social representation due to its expressive excesses and from personal representations due to its dramaturgical failure.
Evans, Peter William (ed) Spanish Cinema: The Auteurist Tradition.