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a filmmaker who has a personal style and keeps creative control over his or her works

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Bogdanovich, the writer/director of such films as The Last Picture Show (1971) and a primary example of 1970s male auteurism, provides the only real voice of male authority within the film, and it is a voice of authority that the film openly asks you to mock.
Indeed, his heterogeneous list of contemporary auteurs (the above cited Saura, Almodovar, Bigas Luna, de la Iglesia, Amenabar) hardly corresponds to the more homogeneous paradigm of 1960s model Spanish auteurism, embodied in figures like Saura from the New Spanish Cinema generation, inspired by precursors Berlanga and Bardem, and educated in the Escuela Oficial de Cine (Official Film School).
Some nine years later, auteurism burst upon America in the pages of Film Culture (Winter 1962/63), in Andrew Sarris's article "Notes on the Auteur Theory." From the title alone, you will notice the change: Politics had started to drop out.
Still, this may be a case of auteurism being in the eye of the beholder; Gardner even sees significance in what sounds like a run-of-the-mill coach chase: "This [a pan from left to right] establishes--as a clever variation on Eisenstein--a kinaesthetic, dialectical juxtaposition, not between shots or sequences as in Potemkin, but within the spatio-integral integrity of the discreet take." (The director might have raised an eyebrow at this loquacity; he said that the film was "largely a piece of junk and I'd just as soon nobody saw it again".)
box office, Kassovitz has moved just about as far from auteurism as it is possible to get.
Never mind that quite a few of those pictures are more audacious and suggestive than Wong's work so far; what cineastes mean when they hail Wong as the greatest director to come out of Hong Kong is that he's the most Eurocentric, the most taken with the high masters of auteurism. Even so, a look at Clara Law's 1992 Autumn Moon shows that he's hardly the lone "serious" Hong Kong director.
To an American mind-set traditionally suspicious of theory, Sarrisite auteurism seemed perplexing.
Whether it was Carlos Saura in Spain, Alexander Kluge in Germany, Vilgot Sjoman and Bo Widerberg in Sweden or Fons Rademakers in Holland, directors tackled contemporary issues with an intensity that made "auteurism" a key term to drop at your local cocktail party.
His use of anecdotes, archival film research, cultural awareness, political consciousness, and clear knowledge of film studies elements such as auteurism, film analysis, film history, and world cinema work together to inform each of his chapters.
was part of a wave of Cuban experimental films that used decentered narratives, disruptive camera and editing techniques, and a collage of fiction and documentary film-styles to challenge both Hollywood's aggressive commercialism and European cinema's individualist auteurism. Alea's films also critiqued the nationalist tendencies of third world film industries at the time, revealing the divisions and contradictions within nationhood.
Weir's oeuvre exhibits a stylistic unity in which European and American concepts of auteurism converge.
In the wake of a long spell of subsidized auteurism, Italian producers are rediscovering stories that audiences can connect with.
The debate between Kael and theorist critic Andrew Sarris in the early sixties was ostensibly a dispute over the Americanization of French auteurism. But at its heart lay the question of whether movie criticism should be systematic or instinctive.
"After decades of Italian auteurism, which badly aped France's New Wave, Venice has decided to rediscover the key role played by the producer," wrote Tullio Kezich, film critic for Corriere della Sera.
In a cash-strapped industry like Australia's, de Heer's presence is a victory for auteurism.