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a filmmaker who has a personal style and keeps creative control over his or her works

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Ils devancent de 8 unites le troisieme au classement, le Bresilien Romarinho (Al Jaish) auteur jusque-la de 13 realisations.
What this all has to do with auteur theory and the films of Kluge, Fassbinder, Wenders, Petzold, Arslan, and Haneke is Brombach's intervention.
Keywords: Fellini, auteur, Cahiers du cinema, Bazin, Sarris, Deleuze.
Historically the auteur has been aligned with questions of agency, and these examinations most often take the form of studying the auteur in relationship to filmic texts.
The technique of auteur description was invented with artistic films in mind.
03 devant Othmane Choumouch (Union club de Casablanca), auteur de 28:30.
Page titre: La page titre doit inclure le titre du manuscrit ainsi que les renseignements suivants: nom de chacun des auteurs (incluant prenoms au complet), titres professionnels (c.
While "The Prodigies" is certainly not, strictly speaking, an auteur pic, it is unspooling as a special presentation in Cannes.
Thus, a critical theory based upon the auteur must also include a discussion of the subject and its presentation (Dick, p.
Goines wrote his novels while still on the needle--nonetheless, Daddy Cool, about a ruthless hitman trying to save his hardheaded daughter from falling into the "life," is Goines at his primitive auteur best.
Ironically, ``X-Men'' auteur Bryan Singer wound up with the ``Superman Returns'' gig, leaving ``X-Men: The Last Stand'' for an eager Ratner.
But there's no question that Greenwald (also the auteur behind Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (2004), has the goods on Wal-Mart, since the comprehensive documentary covers everything from the expansionist chain's indifference to environmental issues to its dangerous parking lots and poor treatment of workers (both in the U.
While attempts have been made to think the auteur in postmodern terms--where she or he is not a subject, but a system of signs, a social construction, or a product of the industry (3)--the term continues to be problematic because, basically, it implies that there is a dominant creative subjectivity expressing itself behind the work.
In an era where gay movies are being sanitized for mass consumption, punk auteur Bruce LaBruce reminds us of the bite queer films can have.
Cindy Sherman may have been the artist to whom Moffatt was most indebted at the start of her career, but Moffatt's cinephilia was even more thorough than her American model's, and the quality of her films demands that she be considered no less an auteur than an artist.