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economic independence as a national policy

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He said that food autarky should be the ultimate target of the agriculture sector, adding that the department should go for modern crops growing techniques by giving education and training to the farmers that would enhance the productivity in the agriculture sector.
Given the two main assumptions, we investigate five research questions related to international trade with trading hubs whose equilibria between (costless) free trade and autarky are called intermediate equilibria.
To this end, he noted ''we do not work at cross-purposes and that has been largely responsible for zero cases of autarky between sister security agencies and the command in Bayelsa State.
"More crying faults had existed in the financial department at an earlier period, but since then changes had taken place, both in government and in society, which made them more keenly felt than before." Similarly, the Iranian economy has always been a dysfunctional mess -- a toxic mixture of autarky, state socialism and corruption.
The Iranian economy has always been a dysfunctional mess a toxic mixture of autarky, state socialism and corruption.
Some estimates indicate that gains from trade can be as high as one-third of a country's GDP compared to autarky, otherwise known as "a closed economy."
Fagan and Gaspar (2008) use a two-good, two-country overlapping generations pure exchange model to compare the pre-euro financial autarky steady state to euro-related financial integration between southern and northern euro countries.
We show that the welfare gains for the poorest agents (zero assets) can be as high as 4.5 percent of their autarky consumption per period.
Instead of energy autarky, the government has decided to import Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and coal thereby conceding more territory to the mafia dons.
"The French automaker did not keep its promise, bowed to the US sanctions, and abandoned its largest foreign client; however, Iranian auto industrialists seized the opportunity to reach autarky in manufacturing cars including Peugeot 405, Peugeot Pars, Peugeot 206, Samand, and Roi in 2013 in addition to manufacturing car parts which had been previously supplied by Peugeot," an ex-senior director of Iran's second-largest carmaker, Saipa, said.
"You have a passionate belief in economic self-sufficiency, known by the Nazis as autarky and the Scots as oil."
by Sharifa Sultani on 6 August, 2014 - 16:42 KABUL (Pajhwok): Experts say safe mine management could help Afghanistan achieve autarky, but the country could face a Congo-like situation if the government fails to ensure better handling of the vital sector Afghanistan comprised massive unexplored natural resources of copper, silver, gold, lithium, uranium, gas and fuel, estimating to worth billions of dollars.
Besides, transfer of technology Chinese experts have also trained Pakistani counterparts so that they could disseminate their knowledge to their colleagues to make the country achieve food autarky.