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economic independence as a national policy

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The Ahmadi-nejad Administration made a big push for autarky.
Autarky in trade: the Indian share of trade in GNP, and share in world trade, had both fallen thanks to tariffs, quotas, import licensing etc.
State-owned companies which establish a large-scale and long-term partnership with international corporations, as a rule, are much more successful than state-owned enterprises developing under autarky conditions.
In order to approach such a complex and dynamic policy field, Eric Lohr makes some sweeping statements in the introduction: Czarist policies since the 1860s were motivated by the urge to attract new citizens as part of Russia's modernization drive; and Soviet policies constituted a radical break with these traditions and strove for autarky, keeping/driving class enemies and unwelcome nationalities out.
In this Policy Brief we argue that the economic development of emerging economies still requires a type of industrialization that can deliver high-quality employment, that is aligned with the international division of labour, and that would not lead to autarky, or a reversal of global gains in establishing openness in trade.
For a variety of reasons, Moscow sought Soviet autarky and Washington indulged it.
We will consider two scenarios: Autarky refers to the situation in which there is no trade, and new technologies can only be introduced if they are developed domestically.
Instead of openness to the global economy, Burma practised autarky and import substitution under a tyranny that shut itself off from the world.
Examination and comparison of North Korean activity to Japan's efforts at autarky prior to World War II, Cuba's long history of Communist rule and isolation, or China's modernist approach to communism and economic expansion all might help readers to understand the choices made by the Kim regime.
Then the predeposit game is completed by comparing the expected utilities in autarky with those in a banking economy.
y los anos del boom" [an important transitional stage between the tough years of autarky and the boom] (Seguin 42), there are at least two additional factors to consider: the aspirations of the male workforce and the advent of tourism.
But, despite their differences, "both Hitler and Stalin aimed at imperial autarky, within a land empire well supplied in food, raw materials and mineral resources.
Al-Shabaab justifies its brutal behavior with a deeply twisted ideology that combines a crude distortion of Islam with a Khmer Rouge-style embrace of radical agrarian-based autarky and murderous contempt for those with formal education.
The hostility to economic liberalism (identified with "Jewish capitalism"), unenlightened militarism, and a counterproductive autarky were causes of the regime's dismal economic record.
By 1950, after a decade of Francoist rule--and the defeat of its Axis allies several years before--serious cracks appeared in the facade of what was supposed to have been a post-Republican return to the imagined tradition of a prosperous Catholic Spain, isolated through the policy of autarky from the ills of modernity that had contaminated the nation during the 1930s.