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An autarkic production plan specifies a fraction of [[bar x] sub 0] to be invested in the illiquid technology and fractions [[member of].
Organized around the Seine, the city of Paris becomes an autarkic system, a closed circle (Une Metropole <http://www.
While the official position of the Islamic Republic is autarkic, many within the regime disparage that whole concept as a silly policy--in fact, a dangerous ideology.
Therefore, one can conclude without hesitation that traditional pottery form is an independent idiosyncratic contextual district and exhorts an autarkic conceptual lexicon.
Nonetheless, it is fair to ask whether or not an operational concept built largely on foundations laid down half a century ago to defeat an autarkic land power are entirely relevant to confronting a growing economic power that seeks not to destroy the international system but to change it in its favor and to do so ideally without going to war.
As a result, autarkic national economies became more integrated and intertwined with one another.
He claims that autarkic cities can provide an attractive environment for economic and social development even in underdeveloped countries.
Stilwell's conception of pluralism is in this sense not one of autarkic paradigms lying side-by-side in quietistic contemplation.
From their start as financially autarkic economies, Portugal and Spain undertook to liberalize their highly regulated, insular financial systems before their membership in the EU.
How has China, a country that prior to reform stagnated under a largely autarkic state development model, not only opened up its economy to the outside world but also in so doing engaged with the world economy in such a mutually advantageous manner?
The claim that LMM causes malinvestment by creating a disparity between saving and investment in the time dimension is sometimes true, but only in autarkic economies, or certain situations where the duration of gross saving and investment are assumed to be finite, and only indirectly, by effecting a change in quantity.
Needs and their fulfilment could be balanced within one country (especially a country covering big territory like Russia, Brazil, India, USA or China), however several historical attempts to develop an autarkic economy are known to have failed.
This Technical Cooperation (TC) will provide decision makers with tools to assess the costs and benefits of the integrated and autarkic paths of a low-carbon future.
In the first round (the next two sections), I will show the core of the notion of a practice--its teleological and autarkic formal structure and how this hangs together with the notion of virtue.
can only do so by retreating to autarkic subsistence economy, usually of