austenitic steel

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steel that has enough nickel and chromium or manganese to retain austenite at atmospheric temperatures

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Kciuk, "Effect of thermomechanical treatment on the corrosion behavior of Si- and Al- containing high-Mn austenitic steel with Nb and Ti micro-additions," Materiali in Tehnologije, vol.
They analysed cutting forces, workpiece temperature and flow stress during laser-assisted machining of an austenitic steel with a FEM simulation model [13].
This figure shows that the microhardness of austenitic steel that is used as matrix increases when titanium carbide particles are incorporated as reinforcement (Xinhong et al., 2006; Velasco et al., 2001).
1 Comparison of car's body parameters produced form different steel sheets Weight [kg] Torsional stiffness [[degrees]/Nm] Car's body based on typical 300 > 15 000 high strength steels ULSAB 210 > 19 000 Car's body skeleton based 160 > 25 000 on austenitic steel sheets Tab.
19, hydrogen hardly diffuses in the austenitic steel within our test time of less than 2000 hours.
Monitoring indicates possible stress corrosion of the super heater, gives early warnings of excursions on condensates, and detects hydroxides and chlorides that contribute to the stress corrosion of austenitic steel. It also helps manage ion exchange resin and ensures the quality of de-mineralized water delivered to the makeup plant.
It covers electing surface-treatment technologies, stainless austenitic steel, thin film technology, plastics including PVD, thermal CVD hard-material coating, hot-filament CVD diamond thin films, electrodeposition and other plating processes, thermal spraying, flame and arc spraying, spray materials, high-velocity oxygen fuel flame spraying, a plasma spray system, diagnostics in thermal spraying, sol-gel and hot-dip coatings, built-up brazed-wear coatings, applications of coating processes in brazing technology, surface protection through build-up welding, and non-destructive testing and assessment of coatings.
Such a diagram for austenitic steel 12Cr18Ni12Ti (metal temperature T = 580[degrees]C, chlorine content of oil shale ash--0.5%) is presented in Fig.
Raabe, "Hydrogen embrittlement associated with strain localization in a precipitation-hardened Fe-MnAl-C light weight austenitic steel," International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol.
Machining handbooks and product catalogs list 400 series as a ferritic-martensitic steel and list 300 series as an austenitic steel. These terms refer to steel formed by heating and cooling in a specific manner.
In the technique, especially in marine, aviation, and refrigeration industries, the joints of aluminium alloys and chromium-nickel austenitic steel are applicable.
Abstract: High effective cermet reaming of austenitic steel with cutting speeds 40-100 m/min, feed per revolution 0.2-0.8 mm and flood cooling has been analysed A CNC machining sequence including solid carbide drilling, a semi-finishing carbide boring and cermet reamer finishing of the stainless steel AISI 316L were used and analysed.
* The ratio Ni/Cr in austenitic steels operating at temperatures >540[degrees]C should be >1.0 to warrant good resistance against high-temperature corrosion under the impact of chlorine, but the price of austenitic steel tubes depends mostly on Ni content, and therefore the use of perlitic-ferritic tubes coated by protective layer with high Ni content has good prospects.
Gottstein, "Nucleation mechanisms of dynamic recrystallization in austenitic steel alloy 800H," Scripta Mater, vol.