austenitic steel

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steel that has enough nickel and chromium or manganese to retain austenite at atmospheric temperatures

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2011) On the effective reaming of austenitic steels On the effective reaming of austenitic steels with cermet reamers and flood cooling.
The results of long-term industrial tests of tubes manufactured from X8CrNiNb1613 austenitic steel according to DIN 17459 in the superheater of an oil shale PF boiler are close to the results obtained at testing of widely used austenitic steel 12Cr18Ni12Ti (OO 14-3-460-75 [2]).
1 Comparison of car's body parameters produced form different steel sheets Weight [kg] Torsional stiffness [[degrees]/Nm] Car's body based on typical 300 > 15 000 high strength steels ULSAB 210 > 19 000 Car's body skeleton based 160 > 25 000 on austenitic steel sheets Tab.
The 300 series stainless steels are nickel-chromium austenitic steels with low carbon content.
0 to warrant good resistance against high-temperature corrosion under the impact of chlorine, but the price of austenitic steel tubes depends mostly on Ni content, and therefore the use of perlitic-ferritic tubes coated by protective layer with high Ni content has good prospects.
Tenders are invited for Austenitic Steel Seamless Pipe Od 48.
The fabricated bimetal Al-CrNi austenitic steel (see Fig.
Room Temperature Plastic Flow Localization in a Mn-Alloyed Austenitic Steel
The aim of work was to suggest the technology, parameters and conditions of explosion welding Mg alloy type AZ 63 with aluminium and austenitic steel type (18Cr8Ni) with magnesium alloy type AZ 91.
The TomoWELD project proposes to develop a robust mobile X-ray tomographic system for the accurate inspection of austenitic steel welds at the sensitivity levels required in the nuclear industry.
High manganese and aluminum austenitic steels have been intensely investigated in recent years for their potential applications in military and transportation industries.
The 18 papers also cover reactor pressure vessel steels; austenitic steels, nickel, zirconium, and aluminum-magnesium alloys and polyethylene; and modeling radiation effects.
Components in cabin space (in the passengers zone) were made of ultra-high strength steels (UHSS) with yield strength higher than 550 MPa (MART martensitic, FB ferritic-bainitic steels, TWIP steel--Twinning Induced Plasticity, CP-Complex Phase steel, hot-formed boron steels--formed hot, bored, steel heat-treated after forming--post forming heat treated) as well as TRIP, TWIP and austenitic steels with a certain degree of predeformation (e.
Experience with austenitic steels type 321 and 347 in German boiling water reactors (BWR), VGB Kraftwerkstechnik, vol.