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a solid solution of ferric carbide or carbon in iron

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Austenitic stainless steels have by far the greatest share in total stainless steel production.
While I am aware of austenitic, martensitic and other crystalline structures of ferrous alloys, most of our readers are not.
The samples were cutting into rectangular pieces (19x21x2.5mm) (width x length x thickness) and the austenitic stainless steel samples were honed by using SiC paper.
The mechanical properties of steels with low-stacking fault energy, such as austenitic 347 stainless steel, are significantly affected by strain-induced grain refinement and phase transformation.
1 summarizes the material properties of two most widespread austenitic steels and the nickel based alloy Inconel 718.
Austenitic manganese steel is generally found around crushers, railroad track frogs, crossings and shovel teeth.
in [23, 24], when analysing with a transmission microscope (TEM) the intermetallic phases that occurred at the boundary of austenitic steel (type 304) aluminium alloy series 5052 joints, have reported a formation of amorphous layers in the solid state at high temperatures.
Austenitic SSs (300 series) have been extensively used as structural alloys in various industrial applications because of their excellent corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties.
With these standards in consideration, Fine Tubes supplied 6Mo super austenitic stainless steel alloy.
There is the NMS geometry, designed for semifinishing and medium machining high temperature alloys (e.g., Inconel 718 and Waspaloy, which most auto-related machinists are unlikely to run into, but you never know), as well as on ISO M materials, including type 304/316 austenitic stainless steels.
In addition to its strength, the material reportedly is austenitic (it will not react in a magnetic field) and engineered to dissolve from exterior surfaces without compromising the internal structure.
* Medium- and high-pressure tubing and nipples that are seamless, austenitic, cold-drawn, tested, and inspected.
The topics include the anisotropy of hydrogen diffusivity in zinc oxide, calculating diffusion profiles in ternary systems using effective interdiffusion coefficients of components, magnetically controlled grain boundary migration and microstructure evolution in zinc, the membrane separation of carbon dioxide from natural gas, and the effect of grain size on the high temperature oxidation behavior of austenitic stainless steels.
Welders had used carbon steel filler rods in austenitic stainless steel joints.