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a solid solution of ferric carbide or carbon in iron

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Tool geometries normally used for austenitic steels are applicable.
2009), where the experiments were made on austenitic stainless steels, in present paper the structure of stainless steels varies from a mixture of martensite and austenite, fully austenite to mixture of austenite and ferrite.
During this time period, the austenitic dendrites are growing into the sample.
2011) On the effective reaming of austenitic steels On the effective reaming of austenitic steels with cermet reamers and flood cooling.
The austenitic ratio (nickel based stainless steel) is increasing while the scrap ratio is decreasing in 2006.
Because the bonds between austenite and martensite needles became softer, even the complete expulsions of austenitic grains and martensite needles occur during the attack.
It covers electing surface-treatment technologies, stainless austenitic steel, thin film technology, plastics including PVD, thermal CVD hard-material coating, hot-filament CVD diamond thin films, electrodeposition and other plating processes, thermal spraying, flame and arc spraying, spray materials, high-velocity oxygen fuel flame spraying, a plasma spray system, diagnostics in thermal spraying, sol-gel and hot-dip coatings, built-up brazed-wear coatings, applications of coating processes in brazing technology, surface protection through build-up welding, and non-destructive testing and assessment of coatings.
and held for one to three hours to allow the castings to become fully austenitic and the matrix to be saturated with carbon.
Swagelok will apply its patented surface hardening process to components made from a variety of commonly used industrial austenitic stainless steel alloys.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Guarantee Of Sandvik/Swagelok Make Seamless Austenitic Ss Tube
Present paper presents a structural investigation of some austenitic stainless steels exposed to cavitation attack.
This volume collects 59 of the papers presented at the June 2002 symposium on reactor pressure vessel steels, austenitic stainless steels, ferritic steels, vanadium alloys, swelling and irradiation creep, radiation effects, radiation-induced segregation, and measurement techniques.
However, for more arduous service it is necessary to use one of the Ni-resist austenitic ductile irons.
High Technology Alloys include all nickel-based superalloys, nickel-based alloys, high strength alloys and super austenitic stainless alloys.
Tenders are invited for Manufacturing, Testing and supply of Austenitic Stainless Steel Seamless Reducers 25x15 (SCH 40)