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the favorable quality of strongly indicating a successful result

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29A thus makes explicit to us that the pativrata who undertakes the observances detailed by Uma saves her husband, his patriline, and herself all at once and becomes, like the wish-fulfilling Parijata tree, a source of perpetual wealth and auspiciousness.
I return with a forty and Lucky Sevens--a losing lottery ticket--my exercise in the auspiciousness of numbers.
The dance is a symbol of auspiciousness to mark key dates such as Chinese New Year or the opening of a new business," verified the Representative of the Commercial Office of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Mr Andrew Chang.
Social freedom is not a permanent option, but rather an unforeseen auspiciousness in the conjunction of affairs.
Regarding the auspiciousness of the day both the President and the Prime Minister reiterated to dedicate to upholding the independence of judiciary in accordance with the Constitution and the guidelines given in the Charter of Democracy.
Our aesthetic has always been about the depiction of auspiciousness and spirituality and our artists have been discouraged from emphasizing the tragic and the painful, as the Chitrasutra of the Vishnudharmottara, one of our oldest texts on aesthetic theory, tells us.
The Buddha explained the 38 auspiciousness that can be practice by all of us without having to be a Buddhist.
Empiricists agree that the length of residency of a Yankee migrant or even a City-based corporation depends not only on the availability of employment and labor, but also on the license to conduct business and the favorability of employment conditions in the establishment, as well as the auspiciousness of operating an enterprise.
My friend Shri keeps several Hindu images of the divine in his work space: Saraswati, bestower of knowledge; Rama, bestower of ethics; Hanuman, bestower of devotion and power; and Ganesh, bestower of auspiciousness and safety.
The Chinese see alcohol as a representation of happiness and auspiciousness.
In that sense, the ritualism in Mani Shankar's film is indeed an exceptional one, for in it, the auspiciousness of the moment of bringing to mind a mythic past becomes congruent with the frenetic surveillance, policing and deliverance of a global emergency.
Dr Pande said: ``The swastika is worshipped by Hindus as a holy symbol depicting auspiciousness, innocence, devotion and purity.
Conversely, right for the most part has positive connotations, such as the brightness, auspiciousness, good fortune, and the sacred.