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in an auspicious manner

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Reid was referring, of course, to the BLM-Cliven Bundy conflict, and his threatening comment implied that the next round would not end so auspiciously for the rancher.
Recently, hysteria has surfaced onscreen in films including Alice Winocour's Augustine (2012), David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method (2011), and Tanya Wexler's Hysteria (2011); onstage in Sarah Ruhl's 2009 Pulitzer-nominated In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) and a 2013 London revival of Terry Johnson's Hysteria, first produced in 1993 (Spencer); in the widespread media coverage of a late 2012 outbreak of mass conversion disorder among female high school students in Le Roy, New York (Dominus); and in an Amazon-produced television series inspired by the Le Roy case--Hysteria (2014)--which premiered, auspiciously, as the editors were compiling this issue.
Jamal DoumaniAS the president of the most powerful nation in the Euro-American world meets with the king of the most influential nation in the Arab world, on an official visit slated for late next month, we are reminded of how auspiciously relations between Washington and Riyadh had initially begun.
The opening was auspiciously timed with the Chinese New Year -- the Year of the Horse -- and the hostess was quick to offer us stylised red cards emblazoned with our birth years' Chinese zodiac symbols.
The game didn't start auspiciously, centre Oliver Beech breaking through for a home try with barely a minute on the clock, but OLs' defence got a grip and the visitors eased themselves in front with three Dan O'Brien penalties, the second from his own half.
2013 began auspiciously for manufacturing in Arkansas, with the announcement that Big River Steel LLC planned to build a $1.
I am proud to be taking up the office you served so auspiciously.
A bit eccentric, perhaps--but this particular line emerged ever more keenly after his auspiciously anticipated political career was launched, particularly as his personality proved itself ever more capricious in attempting to remain on the track of narrow-minded prejudice and misguided opinion.
Autumn told Kronick she chose her name because that was when she was born, and is also known as an auspiciously "fruitful and successful" time of the year, while Winter chose her name because it is the literal translation of her given name.
WHEN DEVA PREMAL was born in 1970, conditions were auspiciously in sync to contribute to her unfolding as a talented vocalist of spiritual and healing music.
Auspiciously, Health-System pharmacists continue to recognize the undeniable fact that Health Robotics' second generation modular architecture of integrated and networked medical devices are fully automated, offer 3 to 4 times faster speed/throughput, for less than half the price, size, and weight than any of its global competitors[sup.
The curtain raises auspiciously on the Festschrift with Page's "Preludio," a genial sketch of the early music movement from the early 1970s to 1990s imbedded with a vibrant portrait of Fallows in a lesser-known role as indefatigable champion of informed performance that spans his apprentice years in Berkeley (the groundbreaking 1973 LP Guillaume Way: Fifteen [i.
The post-Ormandy era began auspiciously, with the appointment of the dynamic Italian conductor Riccardo Muti in 1980.
Auspiciously compared to the work of Alice Sebold (The Lovely Bones), Jennifer Egan (Emerald City, A Visit from the Good Squad), and Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid's Tale), The Age of Miracles announces the arrival of a talented young voice.