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listening to sounds within the body (usually with a stethoscope)

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Bilateral auscultation of the chest can be done to identify and prevent possible endobronchial intubation.
Note to editors: ViScope is a registered trademark and Dynamic Auscultation Is a trademark of HD Medical, Inc.
It was possible to feel the tube position, and this technique did not need to be done repeatedly to detect tube position unlike auscultation, because it was easy to feel and identify the point of maximum intensity of bubbling by palpation.
The technology of observation, radial pulse determination, and auscultation to diagnose a tension pneumothorax were all available skills and technology available in 1831.
Search terms used were: intermittent auscultation, fetal heart rate monitoring, fetal surveillance, intrapartum care, and these were not limited by publication date.
These include observing for cough and choking, auscultation of air insufflated through the tube, aspiration of fluid, visual inspection of the aspirates, testing of aspirates for pH or concentrations of bilirubin, pepsin or trypsin, observing for bubbling when the tip of the tube is held under water, testing the ability to speak, the use of magnetic detection, spring gauge pressure manometer, capnography, colorimetric capnometry or radiography.
3M's Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200 is next-generation auscultation device featuring Bluetooth technology that wirelessly transfers heart, lung and other body sounds to software for further analysis.
Assessment of the fetal heart is mainly by intermittent auscultation with a Pinard fetal stethoscope or by continuous electronic cardiotocography.
Abbreviations: DT--Diagnostic task; DDA--Differential Diagnostic Algorithm; PTAS--Programmed Training with the teaching machine "Siberia" and the Acoustic System for reproduction of heart auscultation sounds; s/s--symptoms/signs.
This workshop's focus was getting back to the basics of assessment, palpation and auscultation of the fistula only.
Organized by body system, the 14 chapters in this nursing handbook review the relevant anatomy and physiology before describing procedures for performing a physical assessment of the system using inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation.
On auscultation of the lungs and air sacs, crackles were detected; the abdomen was distended and fluctuant on palpation.
Pulmonary auscultation revealed absent breath sounds over the lower half of the right lung and diminished breath sounds over the upper half of the right lung with rales.
2] desaturation and no tales at lung auscultation were noted.