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We wanted to show that if we are satisfied that no pneumothorax develops after removal of chest tube by auscultating, than we can avoid the chest x-ray.
In my unscientific study at the office, invariably, a measurement by me manually auscultating the blood pressure, and a subsequent measurement using the patient's device, do not match.
The time of starting oral feeds was after return of intestinal motility which was assessed by auscultating the bowel sounds.
Do you think that his praise of your work may indicate that he shared with you the concept of auscultating reality through action rather than through intellectual activity?
Auscultating corruption in the health sector: definition and causes.
If the upper arm is unable to be used for a blood pressure measurement, the cuff can be placed on the forearm with the examiner auscultating over the radial artery.
He gave no indication as to the frequency or indications for auscultating the FH, other than to determine intra-uterine fetal life.
When auscultating the lungs, the nurse will identify decreased or absent breath sounds on the affected side.
Two studies involving a total of 116 patients were included which investigated the effectiveness of auscultating insufflated air to differentiate between gastric and intestinal placement.