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Inspiratory and expiratory wheezes often are auscultated in patients with asthma and chronic emphysema.
Clubbing fingers, blood clots coating on the nasal mucosa, and small bruits auscultated from the right mid back were found during physical examination.
The respiratory rate was 40 breaths/min, and moderate crackles were auscultated over the air sacs and lungs.
Ruminal contraction was auscultated from upper left flank of the cow using stethoscope connected sound recorder (ICR-S340RM, Sanyo Electric Co.
Equal breath sounds in all lung fields with bilateral basal crepitations were auscultated.
At repeated fractures crepitation is auscultated only at displacement of bone fragments and as against of crepitation in primary fractures is less expressed, that is explained by more "soft" friction of bone fragments due to fixing of their primary callus.
Hard signs of arterial injury, such as loss of distal pulses, the presence of an expanding hematoma, or an auscultated thrill or bruit require immediate action; however, in the reported cases of vascular injury associated with hip fracture, these signs were typically not present.
The abdomen is auscultated for borborygmi - loud rumbling sounds made by the movement of air and fluid in the intestine - which are normal.
2) The physical examination is usually unremarkable in most patients, though bilateral scattered rhonchi may be auscultated.
7), (17) As in adults, the use of Korotkoff sounds via the auscultatory method is recommended since research has shown that oscillometric values tend to be less accurate than auscultated values in children.
Historically, intermittent auscultation meant a very irregular check of the fetal heart beat and the auscultated fetal heart rate was described as a single number in beats per minute i.
A previous laparotomy and laparoscopy scars were observed and normal bowel sounds were auscultated throughout.
Iva auscultated his chest and noted the crackles in his right-lower-lung field were increased compared to her morning assessment.