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examine by auscultation

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Alternatively, one may auscultate the brachial artery while incrementally inflating the cuff to 30 mm Hg above the point at which the tapping noise (Korotkoff sounds) disappears.
Forme latineggianti come auscultate o intemperantia si alternano a forme in volgare, "in lingua etrusca," e a inserti latini (auribus arrectis, lanista "eccitatore, tormentatore," ut aequum est).
For example, for the patient with coronary artery disease, participants understood that it was not sufficient to report cardiac evaluation under physical examination; they needed to auscultate for a gallop rhythm or murmurs and measure the jugulovenous pressure.
15), and seven generations after Adam, his descendant Lamech laments, somewhat cryptically, 'audite vocem meam uxores Lamech, auscultate sermonem meum quoniam occidi virum in vulnus meum et adulescentulum in livorem meum septuplum ultio dabitur de Cain de Lamech veto septuagies septies' ('Hear my voice: ye wives of Lamech hearken unto my speech: for I have slain a young man to my wounding, and a young man to my hurt.
There is a potential for more caregiver injury, because the floor is wet, you are bending down to auscultate the fetus underwater, and even with extra long gloves and special gowns there is still the potential for transmission of infectious diseases" to the caregiver, she said.
Although EFM remains the dominant "customary practice," ACOG's endorsement of auscultation, the results of the twelve EFM trials conducted since EFM's diffusion, and the substantial professional support for auscultation(144) confirm that respectable medical opinions differ considerably as to the best monitoring technique, such that a physician's decision to auscultate merits some deference by the courts.