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Continue to auscultate at least 10 mm Hg below phase V to exclude a diastolic auscultatory gap.
Acute-onset HTN from any cause should be treated urgently when pressures approximate or exceed 160-180 mm Hg systolic or 110 mm Hg diastolic, especially but not exclusively if accompanied by complications such as angina (test serum cardiac enzymes), shortness of breath (consider pulmonary edema and auscultate for crackles), vision changes, papilledema, headache/confusion/ seizures (which suggest cerebral edema or cerebral vasospasm), proteinuria, or edema of the face, peripheral extremities, or of the general body (anasarca, check for sacral edema and weight gain).
On marrying Gisele de Lestrange, a French artist with no German, he wrote to her in 1952: "I shall translate all my poems for you: already, while I'm walking around, I auscultate them a little, to see which way they'll resonate in French--they're less stubborn than I would have thought.
The next reference to such monitoring is by the renowned surgeon, Harvey Cushing, who wrote "We have, of late, in all our cerebral operations followed the custom of having the etherizer constantly auscultate the heart.
This makes it difficult to place a stethoscope on the thorax to auscultate the heart.
Voi ch'auribus arrectis auscultate in lingua etrusca il fremito e il rumore de' miei sospiri pieni di stupore, forse d'intemperantia m'accusate.
For example, for the patient with coronary artery disease, participants understood that it was not sufficient to report cardiac evaluation under physical examination; they needed to auscultate for a gallop rhythm or murmurs and measure the jugulovenous pressure.
There is a potential for more caregiver injury, because the floor is wet, you are bending down to auscultate the fetus underwater, and even with extra long gloves and special gowns there is still the potential for transmission of infectious diseases" to the caregiver, she said.
Although EFM remains the dominant "customary practice," ACOG's endorsement of auscultation, the results of the twelve EFM trials conducted since EFM's diffusion, and the substantial professional support for auscultation(144) confirm that respectable medical opinions differ considerably as to the best monitoring technique, such that a physician's decision to auscultate merits some deference by the courts.
The prevailing paradigm, as portrayed on TV and feared by medical students, is that there must be some question to ask, or some exam finding to auscultate or palpate, or some lab test that could be ordered that will pinpoint the correct diagnosis and guide treatment.
The three-hour clinical simulation lab involved eight stations with various types of simulated and programmed learning activities: 1) low-fidelity manikin for group postpartum assessment; 2) medium-fidelity manikin for group postpartum assessment with faculty input; 3) preparation for high-fidelity simulation; 4) high-fidelity simulation; 5) debriefing; 6) newborn bath and measurements; 7) high-fidelity baby manikin for newborn assessment; 8) medium-fidelity manikin to auscultate fetal heart tones.
Auscultate lungs for adventitious lung sounds, which may include rales, rhonchi, crackles, and/or wheezing.
The nurse and respiratory therapist should auscultate lung sounds on a regular basis.
The new "extended length" Stethos measures 40-inches long from earpiece to chest piece, making it possible for users to auscultate comfortably and accurately in places where most conventional stethoscopes simply cannot reach.