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the aurora of the southern hemisphere

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We have to transport everything from the Aurora Australis to shore using LARCs amphibious vehicles or helicopters, often in challenging weather conditions.
Images and video of the event have flooded social media, with the Aurora Australis Tasmania Facebook page, which counts more than 52,000 members, proving to be a focal point for people to share what they captured.
AUSTRALIAN ICEBREAKER AURORA AUSTRALIS PASSENGERS ARRIVE IN HOBART (EPA) - Passengers disembark from the Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis at a harbor in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, January 22, 2014.
A day earlier, the Chinese ship's helicopter had retrieved 52 scientists, journalists and tourists from the Russian ship, who are now on their way home aboard an Australian icebreaker, Aurora Australis.
The Xue Long (Snow Dragon) Chinese icebreaker, as seen from Australia's Antarctic supply ship, the Aurora Australis, sits in an ice pack unable to get through to the MV Akademik Shokalskiy, in East Antarctica, some 100 nautical miles (185km) east of French Antarctic station Dumont D'Urville and about 1,500 nautical miles (2,800km) south of Hobart, Tasmania, in this handout courtesy of Fairfax's Australian Antarctic Division.
The Aurora Australis, an icebreaker owned by DP World subsidiary P & O Maritime, now has the entire 52 chiefly Australian passengers on board, while the 22 Russian crew remain on the stranded MV Akademik Shokalskiy -- which is still lodged in an ice pack -- waiting to attempt to free it when weather conditions improve.
The Aurora Australis will now take the passengers to the Australian island state of Tasmania.
It took several hours to ferry passengers to a supply ship, the Aurora Australis.
It took several hours to ferry the passengers, mainly scientists and tourists, to Australian Antarctic supply ship the Aurora Australis.
The icebreaker Aurora Australis will take the passengers to the Australian island state of Tasmania, a journey expected to last two weeks.
The first group of passengers off the trapped Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalski, airlifted to P&O Maritime Services Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis
The passengers will then be taken by a barge to the Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis.
Meanwhile, another ice breaker ship, the Aurora Australis, with better capabilities than the Chinese vesselis, has headed towards the Shokalskiy and is expected to arrive over the weekend, the report added.
Thus this highly readable book could well be classed as Information in that it is encyclopedic in its coverage of the terrain, wildlife and peculiarities of Antarctica along with conditions on board Aurora Australis, the icebreaker.
You could walk around at night and see everything because the Milky Way lights up the sky; the moon is so bright and clear, and, of course, there is the mesmerising Aurora Australis (Southern Lights).