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Synonyms for aurora

the first appearance of daylight in the morning

Synonyms for aurora

an atmospheric phenomenon consisting of bands of light caused by charged solar particles following the earth's magnetic lines of force

(Roman mythology) goddess of the dawn

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Hubble took ultraviolet pictures of Saturn's auroras while Cassini recorded radio emissions from the same regions of the planet.
Geography: Have students identify the range of aurora borealis on a map.
Aurora is having to cope with all this stuff, but her values are still the same.
Feeling a bit insecure that nearly all of its business was related to these two processes as well as copper-base metallurgy, Aurora opened a sand foundry three years ago that allowed it to not only find new customers, but offer additional services to existing ones.
During the year Aurora experienced significant changes in senior management across the servicing division.
Aurora, able to ``feel their pain'' all too clearly, suffers one fresh outrage after another as she struggles beyond all human forbearance to maintain communication with them.
At the same time, Aurora Metals determined that augmenting its materials and processing capabilities would allow it to expand into other markets as well.
Auroras shimmer not only above Earth's far northern and southern latitudes but also in the skies of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
The Aurora Dedicated Breast MRI System adds to our complement of diagnostic and treatment services for overall breast health," said Dr.
Soon she was writing poetry, and after purchasing Writer's magazine, Aurora began entering poetry contests.
presumably meant that they were associated with particles arriving from outside the atmosphere and then transported down into it, yet the lack of an intrinsic magnetic field to send them there made the idea of a Venus aurora a loaded one.
With a higher incidence of dense breast tissue in Asian populations, which can make mammography less conclusive, we believe that the Aurora System will be tremendously valuable to the improvement of breast cancer care in the Chinese population.
When her husband of 42 years died, Aurora said she ``lost faith, lost everything.
Frost & Sullivan proudly recognizes Aurora Imaging Technology Inc.