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Synonyms for auriform

having a shape resembling an ear

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Cephalic lappets, neck lobes and epipodial fold well developed, forming an almost continuous sensory skirt around aperture margin, as in other auriform vetigastropods (e.g.
This genus is apparently very close to Hypocyrtus Redtenbacher, 1908, the second Central American representative of the tribe Hesperophasmatini, but differs by the following characteristic features: antennae of both sexes only about 1/2 as long as body; head of females convex and with a pair of auriform or foliaceous cephalic lobes; poculum of males without a posteromedian notch, and females with a beak-like ovipositor formed by an elongated subgenital and supra-anal plate.
Each valve or mericarp with two auriform wings spreading from an obovate thickened central body; veins irregular in course and spacing, with large areoles.
12 and 13) complicated, in lateral view, dorsal apodeme developed, longer than half of aedeagal shaft, shaft robust, widest at middle, dorsal margin sinuated with irregular arcuate prominences, lateral margin with two sheet processes with sinuated margins at median and around gonopore, near middle distinctly with auriform process below gonopore; in ventral view, broad basally, auriform process in middle broad and distinct, around gonopore clearly sinuated, apex rounded, gonopore on ventral margin, apical.
Identification: Shell characterised by its narrow umbilicus which is largely obscured by the reflected columella, and the rapidly expanding, somewhat auriform shell.