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containing gold


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This transitional rheological context, which was contemporary to gold deposition, is supported by field evidence including brittle-ductile auriferous faults (with low-T mylonitization) as well as cross-cutting relationships between pure tensile gold-bearing veins and ductile features (folding on various scales and boudinage).
Tondo, "The influence of particle size and collector on the flotation of a very low grade auriferous ore," Minerals Engineering, vol.
This was the end of a man who was the most prominent revolutionary in six years of Iranian history and who was the figure dominant over two Iranian auriferous provinces for the last five months.
There are very few auriferous Archean greenstone belts or productive Phanerozoic orogens that contain gold provinces without nearby intrusions of roughly the same age.
The Land Act 1884 (Vic) provided for the division of remaining unalienated land into eight classes: pastoral lands, agricultural and grazing lands, auriferous lands, lands which could be sold by auction, swamp lands, State forest reserves, timber reserves and water reserves.
The deposit occurs as a broad flat lying auriferous zone straddling the contact juxtaposed with a more steeply dipping structurally developed auriferous zone, part of the Nevera Breccia Complex and Fault System.
The plant is known for concentrating gold (0.5% of ash) on auriferous substrates.
Comparative economics of bacterial oxidation and roasting as a pre-treatment step for gold recovery from an auriferous pyrite concentrate.
This was followed by an SGH (soil-gas-hydrocarbons) soil sampling survey carried out in order to discriminate between potentially auriferous and non auriferous IP highs and to identify the source area of the gold in till anomalies.