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having auricles


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Leaves with petiole, 4-7(-9) cm long, sheathing the young shoots, petiolar margins membranaceous, translucid, extending through 2/3 of the petiole, glabrous or minutely pubescent, with lustrose appearance; leaf blades (13-)15-27(-45) cm long, 12-21(-26) cm wide, dimorphic through the sympodial axis, monopodial leaves ovate or widely ovate, cordate and slightly auriculate at the base, with the lobes almost symmetrical; sympodial leaves elliptic-ovate, cordate to deeply auriculate at the base, with the lobes asymmetrical, the bigger lobe half or completely overlapping the petiole; obtuse to shortly acuminate at the apex, ciliate at the margin, minutely pubescent in both surfaces; pinnately nerved, veins 4-8, inconspicuously punctate pellucid; membranaceous, with a matt appearance.
A combination of annual habit, pinnatifid or pinnatisect and auriculate cauline leaves, persistent sepals, and pedicels pubescent all around should readily distinguish the species from the other South American Lepidium.
Leaves ovate-triangular to lanceolate, acute, with a decurrent narrow base, sometimes slightly auriculate, 1.
Anthers auriculate at the base, with tails very short and inconspicuous.
Sheaths glabrous, with prominent nerves, margins auriculate.
6-9 mm long, 5-7 mm wide, pink, rarely white or white with pink tinge (immature flowers sometimes recorded by collectors as white reddish or creamy with salmon tinge), pubescent or glabrous outside, lobes auriculate imbricate at the base, reflexed at anthesis; base of filaments densely villous with white hairs 0.
Leaf-lobes remote, ovate-orbicular, obliquely spreading, with strongly incurved ventral margin, plane, ovate, asymmetrical, 740 x 600 [micro]m, apex subacute (short acuminate on branch leaves), dorsal margins dentate, dorsal base auriculate, ventral base not auriculate, insertion line slightly curved.
Leaves pinnately veined, pubescent; basal leaves rosulate to sub-rosulate; decurrent to amplexicaul; blades linear to oblong, pinnately lobed to pinnately partite, auriculate at the base, margin spiny to unarmed; upper leaves alternate, similar to the basal leaves but reduced.
is characterized by having yellow flowers, strongly 2-lobed stigmas, often pinnately divided but never auriculate or amplexicaul cauline leaves, and simple or no trichomes.
Leaves alternate, often rosulate; sessile, often auriculate at the base; blades linear to elliptic, margin entire to denticulate, usually tomentose on the lower surface.
Leaves sessile, at least upper ones auriculate to amplexicaul; septum absent; filaments glabrous S.
Leaves evergreen, decussate, small, ericoid, auriculate, revolute in bud.