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Synonyms for auriculate

having auricles


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Anthers auriculate at the base, with tails very short and inconspicuous.
Florets dimorphic; marginal florets female with staminodes, corolla tubular-funnelform, deeply fourlobed; central florets bisexual or male with a rudimentary ovary, corolla tubular-funnelform, deeply five-lobed; anther apical appendages rounded to acute, basally constricted and demarcated from the thecae, basally auriculate with tails very short, smooth to slightly papillose; style bilobed, dorsally papillose.
Leaves pinnately veined, pubescent; basal leaves rosulate to sub-rosulate; decurrent to amplexicaul; blades linear to oblong, pinnately lobed to pinnately partite, auriculate at the base, margin spiny to unarmed; upper leaves alternate, similar to the basal leaves but reduced.
Asplenium cariocanum Brade, which is ecologically similar in habitat, differs in having fringed stem scales with pronounced dark teeth, pinnae with lobately serrate margins and nearly symmetric pinnae bases that are usually auriculate.
Leaves alternate, often rosulate; sessile, often auriculate at the base; blades linear to elliptic, margin entire to denticulate, usually tomentose on the lower surface.
Leaves evergreen, decussate, small, ericoid, auriculate, revolute in bud.