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Synonyms for auricula

yellow-flowered primrose native to Alps

a pouch projecting from the top front of each atrium of the heart

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The popular Primula auricula - so often grown in pots or as a border plant - is happiest when growing on its side so water drains away from its fleshy roots.
Auriculas reached their zenith of popularity in the 19th century, when they became a passion among the miners and weavers of Lancashire and Cheshire, but they still have an enthusiastic following today.
Hillview Hardy Plants, RHS - "The Magic Appeal of Auriculas & Primulas," Worfield, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, 10am.
Auriculas symbolise a union of primal or first love, presumably an allusion to the often prearranged marriages of the time.
Lying in sterile isolated hospital wards after a stem cell transplant Malcolm was determined to combine his happy memories of family, friends and gardening interests and in particular his love of auriculas into a fund-raising campaign.
Nowadays, along with auriculas, these intriguing flowers find favour with many gardeners who love the quirky and the whimsical.
i l th t i There are all kinds of double-flowered primulas that resemble begonias, and multi-coloured ones like auriculas.
Garden supervisor Gary Leaver said the primroses and auriculas will be in full flower, adding: "Spring is a lovely time to visit these rare Victorian hedged gardens.
Feb 15-Mar 30: Spring Festival, Sanders Garden World, Bristol Road, Brent Knoll, Somerset: This long event features demonstrations on spring colour, featuring plants including camellias, auriculas and primroses.
IF you are interested in Primulas and Auriculas then why not ring Saturday, March 27, in your diary.
It loves the same conditions as sea–hollies, auriculas and dry–loving grasses like stipa tenuissima.
John and Ingrid Millington of Hillview Hardy Plants give a talk on Auriculas to Plant Heritage North Wales Group, 7.