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A morphological study of age changes in adult human auricular cartilage with special emphasis on elastic fibers.
1] The word ochronosis refers to the dark bluish discoloration of connective tissues including the sclera, cornea, auricular cartilage, heart valves, articular cartilage, tendons and ligaments.
Pseudocysts of pinna usually occur in the anterior and superior part of auricular cartilage, the most common site being the scaphoid fossa.
The use of autologous auricular cartilage for temporomandibular joint disc replacement.
After peeling the skin layer of the excised auricular tissue, the auricular cartilage was cut into 2x2 cm square shaped parts protecting the pericondrium on the cartilage tissues.
Successful treatment of the paralyzed lower eyelid due to Hansen's disease by implanting auricular cartilage.
Commonly used posterior lamella grafts include hard palate, auricular cartilage, and acellular dermis.
In our study trauma was the most common factor in causation of pseudocyst of auricle, seen in 11 cases (34%), 3 cases (9%) had diabetes mellitus which if uncontrolled can lead to delayed fluid resorption and in worst scenario may even cause perichondritis followed by destruction of auricular cartilage.
The results of cytologic examination of drilled auricular cartilage were similar, except that only 10% of the lacunae were occupied by viable-appearing chondrocytes.
Auricular cartilage is curved and must be straightened, and it is not easy to shape.
Auricular cartilage grafts should be harvested after the fascia is harvested.
INTRODUCTION: Auricular haematoma is a collection of blood between auricular cartilage and perichondrium.
Auricular cartilage grafts may be the most frequently used autologous graft material in facial plastic surgery.
To confirm this diagnosis, a piece of the left auricular cartilage was obtained through a small incision for histology, and the specimen demonstrated spicules of lamellar bone with osteocytes (figure 3).