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19) Some surgeons make separate incisions to obtain auricular cartilage and temporal fascia, but in using the sulcus, access to both fascia and cartilage with a single incision is possible.
The results of cytologic examination of drilled auricular cartilage were similar, except that only 10% of the lacunae were occupied by viable-appearing chondrocytes.
Many flaps and grafts have been used to achieve this goal; among them are nasal septal (7) and auricular cartilage, (8) epiglottic tissue, (9) thyroid cartilage, (10) costal cartilage, (11) sternocleidomastoid myoperiosteal flaps, (12) and hyoid bone.
Idiopathic cystic chondromalacia (endochondral pseudocyst of the auricle) is a benign cystic degenerative lesion of the auricular cartilage.
The author has developed a technique whereby the ENDURAGen alloplast acts as a carrier for autologous auricular cartilage.
Pathologic examination revealed a bony deposition in the auricular cartilage (figure 2).
The auricular cartilage is an elastic substance that provides flexibility to the auricle.
While some surgeons prefer harvesting the auricular cartilage from an anterior approach, we favor a retroauricular incision.