auricular artery

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artery that supplies blood to the ear

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The posterior auricular artery emerges from the deeper tissues in the groove between the cartilage of the ear and the mastoid process (Fig.
Mean arterial pressure (MAP, mmHg) was recorded using the invasive approach, following percutaneous catheterization of the left or right median auricular artery and coupling the catheter connected to a system filled with heparin solution (50UI/mL) and a calibrated aneroid manometer.
The vascular branch to the caudal auricular artery, superficial temporal artery, and the maxillary artery was the continuation of the external carotid nerve.
The superior auricular artery and retroauricular arterial island flaps.
Approximately 0.5-1 mL of blood was collected through the rabbits' middle auricular artery with a 25-gauge butterfly catheter.