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Synonyms for auricular

known about by very few

Synonyms for auricular

of or relating to near the ear


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2b and 2c), which are (P1) the most posterior point on the edge of the incisura anterior auris; (P2) the bump point of tragus; (P3) the deepest point in the incisura intertragica notch; (P4) the bump point of antitragus; (P5) the strongest antihelical curvature; (P6) the deepest point on the floor of auricular concha; (P7) the central point of the ear canal opening.
Este articulo entrega un resumen de la mejor evidencia disponible sobre fibrilacion auricular, entregando de forma comprensible a todo el personal de salud la informacion mas relevante a tener en cuenta a la hora de atender pacientes con este diagnostico, asistiendo la toma de decisiones durante su practica clinica.
The posterior auricular artery emerges from the deeper tissues in the groove between the cartilage of the ear and the mastoid process (Fig.
North East based choreographer and artistic director Nicole Vivien Watson has a formidable reputation for exploring new territory in dance and performance arts, and this was certainly achieved through the exploration of British Sign Language, sensory processing and communication within Auricular.
Discussion: Our data reveal that auricular acupressure significantly decreases nausea during the PACU stay and within the 24 hours postoperatively.
Auricular angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia.
Clinical study of auricular keloid treatment with both surgical excision and intralesional injection of low-dose 5-fluorouracil and corticosteroids.
Cuando la estenosis es leve los sintomas son precipitados por ejercicio, estres emocional, infecciones, embarazo y fibrilacion auricular con respuesta ventricular alta.
An auricular haematoma is collection of blood or serum within the cartilage plate of pinna which is presented as fluctuant, fluid filled swelling on concave surface of one or both pinna (Fossum, 2007).
La rama posterior se une con la vena auricular posterior para formar la vena yugular externa, la cual pasa superficialmente con respecto al musculo esternocleidomastoideo y perfora la fascia cervical 2,5 cms por encima del punto medio de la clavicula, drenando dentro de la vena subclavia (1).
Los pacientes con isomerismo atrial izquierdo representan el 23% de la taquiarritmias supraventriculares, siendo mas frecuentes la fibrilacion auricular y las macroreentradas (2,3).
The vast majority of acquired auricular defects stem from either trauma or Mohs extirpation of cutaneous malignancies.
Adversamente ao que recomenda a legislacao, muitas empresas fornecem o protetor auricular, preliminarmente, sem analisar o contexto geral do ambiente de trabalho e tracar estrategias para a diminuicao de ruido [3].
Established diagnostic criteria are the original McAdam's criteria, which include the presence of three or more of the following clinical features: bilateral auricular chondritis; nonerosive, seronegative inflammatory polyarthritis; nasal chondritis; ocular inflammation; respiratory tract chondritis; and cochlear and/or vestibular dysfunction [6].