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a small conical pouch projecting from the upper anterior part of each atrium of the heart

the externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear

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After right auricle was removed, a cryoablation line was made at the junction of the incisal edge of right auricle and tricuspid annulus.
Previously, two studies have reported postauricular dermoid cysts that caused deformities in the auricle due to mass effect.
"The teratologist review concluded no temporal association with CZP [certolizumab] exposure for the case of hydronephrosis, owing to evidence of anomalies on ultrasound prior to initiation of medication (during the third trimester); the possibility of an association could not be ruled out for the cases of anal fistula, accessory auricle, vesicoureteric reflux, talipes, and congenital heart disease," the researchers wrote.
Ashraf et al., "Differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells into ear auricle cartilage in rabbits," The Journal of Laryngology & Otology, vol.
Aural haematoma often called as boxer's or wrestler's or cauliflower ear occurs due to constant shaking and rubbing of ear due to otitis, hypersensitivity and allergic dermatitis, ectoparasitism, otorrhea and presence of foreign bodies, leads to rupture of inner vessels resulting in bleeding within the cartilage layers of auricle and haematoma formation (Ahiwar et al., 2007).
The human auricle is composed of the helix-antihelical complex, the conchal complex and the lobule, which is the most distinctive feature of the human face, and is particularly influential in determining its appearance (Alexander et al., 2011; Ahmed & Omer, 2015).
[19] The artery arose from postero-lateral part of LCx below and behind the left auricle. It passes posteriorly between the left auricle and ostium of left pulmonary vein.
Cryptotia is an ear anomaly defined as a "pocket ear" because in this condition, the upper pole of the auricle is tucked in a pocket beneath the temporal skin.
His neuromotor development was normal and hypertelorism, downslanting palpebral fissures, hypoplasia of right auricle, hypoplasia of the maxillary bones and narrow forehead were observed on his physical examination.
Her neurological, ophthalmologic, and orthopedic examinations were normal through auricle, nasal, and skin examinations.
To prevent these psychological side-effects, the correction of the auricle is mostly performed at approximately 6 years of age before the child starts school and the development of the auricle is mostly completed, as recommended [5, 6].
Principles of Ear Acupuncture: Microsystem of the Auricle, 2nd Edition (supplemental instructional material included)
A new case of an immunohistochemically confirmed ALM located on the auricle is presented herein, along with a brief review of the relevant literature.
At the age of 3 1/4 years, the patient was diagnosed to have diabetes mellitus along with severe psychomotor retardation, failure to thrive, a dysmorphic face with Peters anomaly (PS) type 3 (posterior central defect with stromal opacity of the cornea, adhering stripes of the iris, and cataract with corneolenticular adhesion), congenital glaucoma, megalocornea, hypothyreosis, nephrocalcinosis, severe hearing impairment, a one-sided deformity of the auricle with atresia of the bony and soft external auditory canal, a non-differentiable eardrum, and a missing os incus.
We recommend the Mladick's procedure for reimplantation of fragments less than 1/2 of the auricle with favourable tissue condition.