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Synonyms for aureole

the outermost region of the sun's atmosphere

an indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint

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The favour of the great throws an aureole round the fortunate object of its selection.
The fascination of a charming, virtuous, highly educated woman might make his way easier, might do wonders in attracting people to him, throwing an aureole round him, and now everything was in ruins
Les Algerois, pourtant aureoles d'une victoire ramenee de Relizane, ont ete contraints au partage des points par la JS Saoura (0-0).
C'est ainsi que la remise des tenues de sport aux mioches tout aureoles et euphoriques s'etait effectuee dans la liesse et l'allegresse.
Then she steps into the almost unbearably hot water and lets herself sink, inch by inch, until only her nipples with their dark aureoles break the surface.
The highest grade, nearly monomineralic brucite deposits are found in aureoles where the protolith consists of magnesite with little or no calcite, clays, chert or other mineral impurities.
Or, les municipalites qui se trouvent dans les aureoles Nord et Sud, puisqu'elles ne font pas partie de la RMR, doivent etre par definition moins dependantes economiquement de la ville centrale que les autres municipalites qui y sont incluses.
Panteg AFC defeated AC Pontymister from Division Three, 3-1, with goals from Lee William, Rob Carr and Adrian Aureoles.
Proximal intrusive bodies, as indicated by the presence of aeromagnetic anomalies with coincident, regionally developed aureoles of quartz-pyrite hornfels, marble and skarn;
Aureoles de leur victoire a l'exterieur face a la JS Saoura, les Belouizdadis veulent prouver a leur public qu'ils sont en train de remonter la pente.
They include disseminations in sandstone and conglomerate, along arkosic lamellae in siltstone, and in thermal aureoles of the lamprophyric dykes related to the volcanic units.
Tous aureoles de leur brillante victoire en deplacement face a l'ES Tunis en ligue des champions, les hommes de Kheiredine Madoui feront tout pour s'imposer devant l'USM El Harrach.
Large anomalous gold aureoles have also been identified through geochemistry.