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Synonyms for aureole

the outermost region of the sun's atmosphere

an indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint

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But it was her face, wrinkled, withered and weather- beaten, surrounded by an aureole of unkempt and straggling wisps of greyish hair, that caught and held me.
La reunion devrait trancher cette question meme si les choix semblent limites, selon les observateurs qui estiment que Hamadi Jebali sortira vainqueur de ce genre de [beaucoup moins que] caucus [beaucoup plus grand que], en raison de l'image dont il s'est aureole a la faveur de sa gestion de l'affaire de l'assassinat de Chokri Belaid.
FOUR days after her Coronation, Queen Elizabeth II watched the newlyknighted Sir Gordon Richards, winning the Derby for the first time at his 28th and final attempt, deny her Aureole aboard Pinza.
He also has performed the diabolically difficult Aureole solo that Taylor created for himself.
In Manhattan, he stayed with a friend who was working at Aureole.
After two decades in a townhouse off Madison Avenue, Charlie Palmer announces his move his flagship restaurant Aureole to the innovative Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park.
The aureole is the bright ring seen around a misty sun or moon, or else the halo of god, angel, or saint.
for Adriaan Morrien) In an aureole of sounds the writer leans out of his window.
Malgre l'emergence et le developpement du 7e art dans l'ensemble des pays arabes, le cinema egyptien reste vivant, aureole par son glorieux et prestigieux passe.
Yes, I am, but I still think Aureole will win," the Queen absent-mindedly replied, more concerned with the Derby later in the week in which Aureole eventually finished second to Pinza.
Now, 58 years after Aureole carried the Queen's famous silks to finish second in the Derby, history beckons.
That was Paul Taylor's intention when he made the work for the American Dance Festival in 1963, planning it as a contrasting companion piece to his upbeat Aureole.
His CV, though short, lends credence to this notion: He began his pastry Training in high school; completed it at the Art Institute of New York; spent the next decade making pastry at Aureole in New York City; and is now the executive pastry chef of Ed Brown's 81.
The event showcased the talent of C-CAP Graduate Chefs--Rachel Lansang, executive pastry chef at Aureole, and Alfred Stephens, corporate pastry chef at Olives.