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the outermost region of the sun's atmosphere

an indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint

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ROBERTS - MAIR AUREOLA (Aur) yn dawel yng nghwmni ei theulu dan ofal arbennig yn Ysbyty Maelor ar 24ain Ebrill 2012 o Godre'r Aran, Llanuwchllyn yn 76 mlwydd oed.
Esta escrita adquiriu, pelo menos, duas dimensoes--uma assertivamente identitaria (e a Aureola dos Indios e a Cronologia da Congregacao do Oratorio enquadra-se neste tipo), e uma outra, do tipo polemico, caso da disputa encabecada por Joao da Cunha Jaques, o qual assumindo o seu vinculo a casta charodo, segundo ele descendente dos miticos kshatryas, procurou desmontar, no tratado David contra o Golias do Bramanismo, os argumentos desenvolvidos pelos bramanes de Goa.
Race mare with iron constitution Stanerra 1978 filly Guillaume Tell -Lady Aureola Several of the most famous horses bred or owned by Moyglare have broken new ground on the international racing scene, but none as exotically, romantically, or improbably as the great racemare Stanerra.
Descoperim recipientul inconjurat in partea superioara de aureola, il descoperim contextualizat solar, iar la baza, flancat de instrumentul care poate conduce substanta miraculoasa din sticla spre consumator.
the rosy, puckered skin of her aureola in the cooling air.
Sono una specie di aureola, un ventaglio di brevi raggi solari.
Before long there's a dark, irregular aureola of hair sprinkled on the floor around me, and Brian's snip-clipping air again.
Together with the author of Aureola dos Indios e Nobiliarchia Bracmana (1892) the two could certainly enliven some part of this volume with their 'timely' (in the sense of 'werke der zeit' as Walter Benjamin would call them) contribution to the theme of the present book with its 'third side'.
Charles changed the Garter badge to enhance the religious imagery by adding "a huge aureola of silver rays copied from the French order of the holy spirit" to the holy cross of St George .