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Synonyms for rehabilitation

the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

Synonyms for rehabilitation

the conversion of wasteland into land suitable for use of habitation or cultivation

vindication of a person's character and the re-establishment of that person's reputation

the treatment of physical disabilities by massage and electrotherapy and exercises

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The influence of aural rehabilitation and cognitive style disclosure on the perception of hearing handicap.
The aim of the programme is to increase and encourage further Speech and Language Specialists and Special Needs Teachers to gain practical and applied skills in aural rehabilitation activities and skills for students with hearing impairment.
Hearing impairment can easily be identified with a well-implemented screening process and improved with the help of an aural rehabilitation program that employs the use of assistive technology.
The use of a hearing aid should be considered as only part of a comprehensive aural rehabilitation plan designed by an audiologist specifically for the individual.
Taylor examined the effect of group composition on an 8- to 10-hour aural rehabilitation program [41].
Several approaches to aural rehabilitation in patients with unilateral or asymmetric hearing loss have been suggested.
Research also shows that the use of hearing aids among Alzheimer's patients with hearing loss, in combination with appropriate aural rehabilitation in a multidisciplinary setting, can help alleviate the symptoms of depression, passivity, negativism, disorientation, anxiety, social isolation, feelings of helplessness, loss of independence and general cognitive decline.
Visual and aural rehabilitation programs must concomitantly compensate for these changes and improve functional competence in everyday tasks.
of Pittsburgh) incorporate new chapters on literacy development, genetics, neurogenic speech disorders, dysphagia, and aural rehabilitation in this updated introductory text.
For some patients, an extensive learning period involving intensive aural rehabilitation with a speech pathologist may be required for successful implant use.
Provide aural rehabilitation for residents, families and staff
Specific responsibilities include assessment and management of disorders of speech and language, dysphagia (disorders of swallowing), identification and treatment of persons requiring augmentative or alternate forms of communication, the assessment and treatment of cognitive/communication disorders, the provision of aural rehabilitation services to hearing impaired individuals, and facilitating communication effectiveness, as with persons requiring foreign accent reduction.