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a small vascular growth on the surface of a mucous membrane

one of two forms that coelenterates take (e.g. a hydra or coral): usually sedentary with a hollow cylindrical body usually with a ring of tentacles around the mouth

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Early biopsy of an aural polyp or granulation tissue may lead to early detection before meningeal extension.
A polypoid mass is frequently seen on examination, and it may be mistaken for an aural polyp.
Histologic examination of the aural polyp revealed chronic inflammation, but no evidence of tumor recurrence.
1) Involvement of the external auditory canal can manifest as mastoid swelling, aural polyps, otorrhea, and erosion of the bony canal wall with sagging of the canal wall skin.
The most common otologic manifestation of Samter triad is middle ear mucoid effusion, (4) although there have been case reports of aural polyps associated with Samter triad.