cauliflower ear

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an auricle deformed by injury

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The study was conducted on twelve (12) clinical cases of canines of either sexes suffering from aural haematoma within the age 1-5 years.
The stapling technique required very less surgical time for obliteration of dead space created by aural haematoma (17.
To help prevent aural haematomas, look after your dog's ears.
Physical examination revealed soft fluctuating mass on medial side of ear and it was diagnosed as aural haematoma and decided for surgical treatment.
We applied sterile swab in external orifice of ear to prevent overflow of aural haematoma content in ear canal.
Aural haematoma occurs most frequently in dogs having pendulous ears.
The present study was undertaken on 12 dogs brought for treatment of aural haematoma.
An aural haematoma is collection of blood or serum and sometimes blood clot within the pinna or ear flap.
An aural haematoma was diagnosed and surgical drainage was considered.
Aural haematoma is collection of blood within the cartilage plate of ear characterised as fluctuant, fluid-filled swelling on concave surface of one or both pinna (Fossum et al.
In days gone by, for example, most dogs that suffered aural haematomas required general anaesthesia and the intervention of a scalpel and sutures to correct the problem.