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Synonyms for auricular

known about by very few

Synonyms for auricular

of or relating to near the ear


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For example, if a person was found to have an aural preference then this would not simply negate the fact that for him/her reading/writing style was also beneficial.
Aural 202 has a unique combination of Class -Clarity - Comfort.
Twenty (20) dogs were diagnosed to have otitis externa (14 unilateral, 6 bilateral) and ten (10) dogs with aural hematoma (9 unilateral, 1 bilateral).
Aural foreign bodies accounted for almost half of all the cases in our study, and nasal foreign bodies were only slightly less common.
A rich fantasy experience allows for the concoction of aural wonders, and the "Hobbit" series has served up some of the best.
When the CC transducer is placed on the aural cartilage, sound is transmitted to the cochlea via three possible routes in an anatomically normal ear (Figure 1(a)).
The aim of the programme is to increase and encourage further Speech and Language Specialists and Special Needs Teachers to gain practical and applied skills in aural rehabilitation activities and skills for students with hearing impairment.
This study sought to explore relationships between aural dictation, sight singing, performance and composition in a quantitative manner.
Aural learners prefer lectures, tutorials and discussion.
This audiobook is a good example of the power of aural presentations to make a story livelier by jumpstarting the reader's imagination and involvement in the tale.
It may be that the aural is a deeper, more primary way of engaging with reality than the visual.
com) stretched all the way across a couple of big widescreen monitors listening to enigmatic rumbles, a mixture of the growl of that death star in Doom 1 with a hint of gurgling water plus randomly released steam--and thinking up what other visual and aural effects they could incorporate.
The days when Ravel's Bolero or Roxy Music's "Avalon" were surefire aural accoutrements for getting hot and heavy are long gone.
Bilingual Afro-funk collective Yerba Buena's sophomore release, ``Island Life,'' offers us a glimpse of New York City's aural diversity.
In the position of an eager controversialist, he takes a stand on the aural side of half a century of debate about the comparative significance of audition vis-a-vis vision in the origins of the modern West, much as Penelope Gouk argued implicitly in Music, Science, and Natural Magic in Seventeenth-Century England (Yale, 1999).