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Synonyms for auricular

known about by very few

Synonyms for auricular

of or relating to near the ear


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The contract is for the benefits of clean development in services and bio-cleaning all 6 sites Aural distributed over the Alsatian territory.
Hosoi found that a clear sound can be heard when a vibration signal is delivered to the aural cartilage from a transducer [11].
The programme, designed by the American Speech and Hearing Association (Asha) -- certified speech language pathologists -- will help children learn to use their residual hearing to its maximum potential, with the aim of developing their language skills by learning to listen: "There are 20 to 30 similar aural rehabilitation programmes in English but this is the first of its kind with Arabic content, which suits the Arabic and Emirati culture since it helps familiarise the student with his/her surroundings through coloured flash cards that help explain everyday life experiences suitable for different age groups," said Hana Ali Elsa Al Hamdani, Subject Support specialist and team leader for the Abu Dhabi Education Council's (ADEC) Special Needs committee.
Davis explains the concept, gives written and aural examples then immediately puts the pianist on the keyboard to apply the new skill.
Drago and Wagner (2004) report three significant findings: (1) Online students scored higher on three learning styles (V, A, R); (2) The effectiveness index scores for online students with a read/write (R) learning style and those with a multimodal VARK learning style were lower when compared to all other online students; and (3) The effectiveness index scores for online students with a combination Aural and Read/write learning style (AR) were higher when compared to all other online students.
For five centuries, since the Renaissance, our culture has celebrated the outer over the inner, the technical over the spiritual, the visual over the aural.
With over 28 million Americans who are currently deaf or hard of hearing and the impending influx of baby boomers who will be eligible for the Medicare program by the end of this decade, our nation must begin to work through equitable coverage policies for hearing aids and aural rehabilitation services in a concerted manner by both public and private insurance payers.
While 75 degrees nose low and looking above me at my flight lead, I heard the "deedle deedle" aural caution with "engine fire left, engine fire left.
A credit-card sized portable audio player, the RM-300M is the latest in the RAVEMETAL series of players from the company, whose previous models in the line included one that looks just like a tape cassette but can, cunningly, be connected to a PC, have your MP3 files downloaded to it, then be slotted straight into your car's tape player for instant aural delight, thereby removing the need to upgrade the stereo in your car.
The film's style consists of scratchy storms of visual and aural static worthy of Guy Maddin or, more precisely, Japanese animator Ozamu Tezuka's brilliantly precarious masterpiece, Broken Down Film.
After receiving several aural warning tones, the pilot reduced starboard throttle to idle and secured the engine.
On a purely aural level, I was amazed by the music contained in so many of the lines in this book.
For African Americans--who are from an aural culture--the latter is problematic because literal mindedness stifles imaginative and poetic forms of expression.
This genre is evolving into a genuine art form, with sound artists composing aural masterpieces out of all kinds of field recordings.
But the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation has launched an inquiry into allegations that their teacher had access to the aural Irish test.