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the sister of your father or mother

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In true Savvy Auntie fashion, the Savvy Holiday Gift Ideas can be custom filtered so Aunties can find the perfect holiday gift for a niece or nephew.
As the season gets closer, the site will provide round-ups of Savvy Holiday Gift Ideas like 'recession-proof' gift ideas, best 'toys for boys,' and 'over-the-top' gifts, so that every Auntie can discover gift-giving in a whole new -- and more savvy -- way.
There are two women with you - aunties,' the psychic told Mary straight away, and shocked her client by giving their first names and impressive information.
Look, Mary, I'm not feeling too good today, and seeing as you have the gift, talk to your aunties yourself.
And if he doesn't stop behaving like that, then the next step will be to tell your auntie.
You could be right - maybe your auntie does know he's a lech and is embarrassed about it.
The Aussie pop princess said she loves being an auntie to her brother's kids.
Kylie, 41, said: "I can't wait to be an auntie for the third time.
Maybe your bottom hole's not big enough," wondered Auntie Emm, whose recent bassoon playing proved to have equipped her with the right amount of puff.
was my bright idea, until Auntie Joce replied sharply "Wouldn't yours have to be cracked first though?
While using their discretionary income to indulge their nieces, nephews, godchildren and friends' kids with gifts and activities, Savvy Aunties also have more time and money than moms for leisure, travel, beauty, fashion, as well as new homes, home improvement, cars and consumer electronics.
Through Expertise, Activities, Gifts and Community designed just for Aunts and their perspective, the site provides all the tools Aunts need to get savvier and share their savvy knowledge with other Savvy Aunties.
These aunties and uncles who made up my familial world are the people I learned to depend on.
We believe children should be raised by a community--of aunties and uncles, of friends and relatives, of all the people we love.
Also available in print, Auntie Stellas use a question-and-answer format of problem page letters written to agony aunts in magazines.