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the sister of your father or mother

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Aunties and Uncles Queensland has been operating for more than 10 years, and the program is currently helping around 80 children.
The volunteer aunties and uncles are a wonderful part of the village and are playing their part to keep children safe and supported.
But you must be fast, because when the bell goes off at 12 noon on Sunday, you are in competition with all the other aunties, who have been scoping out the buffet since they walked in 15 minutes earlier.
Even Chinese aunties, after all, have to set a good example.
My aunties had quite a bit to do with raising my brother as well.
JL: When I was a child my aunties were very attracted to African American music to start with which was very important, like some of the folk songs, field stories, and spirituals.
The unwanted advice of the two spirit aunties continually plagued Mary, then one day she went the dentist for a check up, and the tooth doctor remarked: 'Who are those two ladies with you?
I think it's him you need to speak to rather than your auntie.
And if he doesn't stop behaving like that, then the next step will be to tell your auntie.
We believe children should be raised by a community--of aunties and uncles, of friends and relatives, of all the people we love.
My sister and I called all the missionaries Auntie and Uncle, which I suppose made their children our "cousins.
Through Expertise, Activities, Gifts and Community designed just for Aunts and their perspective, the site provides all the tools Aunts need to get savvier and share their savvy knowledge with other Savvy Aunties.
Regardless of why these women do not (yet) have kids, children are front-and-center in their lives: "People always tell mothers that having children will change their lives but nobody tells the Aunts that their lives will change too," says one Savvy Auntie member.
Maybe your bottom hole's not big enough," wondered Auntie Emm, whose recent bassoon playing proved to have equipped her with the right amount of puff.
KYLIE Minogue loves the fact she's going to become an auntie again - because it means she can go toy shopping.