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the sister of your father or mother

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For the full Gatlinburg Valentine's Day vacation guide, please visit Auntie Belham's Website at http://www.
Who could forget, Auntie Wen was a real garlic woman when the two of us saw a poster.
Yes, Auntie Boo did manipulate him and that was her cleverness, but for her to be able to manipulate him in the first place she thought it was vaguely ok to do so.
The launch of this mobile loyalty app also enables Auntie Anne's to evolve beyond the transaction at its counters.
WELSH Sheila (nee Wilkinson) Dearly loved sister of John, sister-in-law of Angela, dear auntie of Paul, Mark, Andrew, Lee, Charlotte and Sophie.
Boro Auntie was standing in the middle of the living room in welcoming pose.
Normally my parents stayed at home on New Year's Eve but that night my Uncle George and Auntie Ruby came to stay and we all went off to the Plas Parke - a pub in the village.
Auntie Anne's recently awarded $25,000 in post-secondary education scholarships to five exceptional individuals.
They will be joined by food outlet Auntie Anne's and The Perfume Shop, which is set to open its third store in the shopping centre.
Packed with guidelines and examples of successful Aunthood, SAVVY AUNTIE is a wonderful survey any general-interest collection will find a popular pick.
And she was a kind, indulgent auntie, never got upset, never scolded over missed instructions, and was always helpful.
Private equity firm Roark Capital said Friday it had agreed to take over US Auntie Anne's, the franchise operator of the hand-rolled soft pretzel chain, for an unrevealed price and via its subsidiary, FOCUS Brands.
Auntie finds your friend's need to brag (that's what it is) quite insensitive.
WHEN we were evacuated, my cousin and I were taken to stay with Uncle Bill and Auntie Esther who were friends of my cousin's mother.
Loved always by dad Colin, step daughter to Jacqui, step sister to Sharon, Nicola and Sean, auntie to Laura, niece to Lynn and auntie to Danielle and Rebecca.