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the sister of your father or mother

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After the children were in bed, Maggie made up the couch for Auntie Kate.
As Precious Auntie advises LuLing and, indirectly, Ruth, "A person should consider how things begin.
For dessert we thought that we would try something different, and we were intrigued by Auntie Pasto's Chocolate Salami ($4.
Auntie Mame's trainer Angel Penna jr added: "I've always thought she was this kind of a filly.
Auntie Rosie tipped her glass and poured so skillfully the foam never bubbled over the side or filled three-quarters of the glass, like it did whenever one of our moms served a beer.
David Clark, 32, and his wife, Robin, 31, were inspired to join the Auntie Anne's family during a dinner party nearly three years ago.
Heather Neary, Auntie Anne's Chief Marketing Officer said, "One of the primary benefits of the partnership is to track an offer from the onset to point of purchase.
Auntie Pam's is a Kirklees Council public health service which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the people who visit its drop-in centres in Dewsbury and Huddersfield.
The photo was sent in by Vivienne Haworth (nee Spackman) who tells us that on the back row, from left, is Auntie Peggy (who was visiting and who worked for Metal Box), her mum Dolly, Auntie Marie and Auntie Annie.
Even before media approached her, Kris, as well as the two nurses who accompanied Auntie Passy, was crying, overwhelmed by what Pope Francis had done.
Love Joanna, Richard and Boys xxx CURLEY Emma Special Sister and Auntie who is loved and missed so much.
To have an auntie to go to with those difficult problems and professional dilemmas, to have someone who can provide insight, wisdom and practical commonsense is to have a precious gift.
One day Card Auntie has a terrible accident, tripping over her cat, Zip while carrying boxes of her cards.
I better not call you Auntie, because many people now call me Auntie.