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Rapid ROI - Increased efficiency and a cost savings of $35,000 will enable AUK to achieve a return on its investment in VNX in just 24 months.
Greenland: The Christmas feast may include little auks, (these are seabirds that are a bit like penguins), wrapped in sealskin and buried for months until decomposed.
It estimates that thousands of guillemots have died, mostly by drowning, but is baffled as to why no other species of auk has been affected.
AUK food laboratory is taking a leading role in helping the food industry in Cyprus meet the demands for membership of the European Union.
If we are not careful, the only sparrow that future generations see will be stuffed and standing forlornly next to the extinct great auk in the city museum.
FEW will begrudge a change in fortune for Steve Wynne, who has fought hard to re-establish himself this season, and he made the most of a chance ride by partnering Auk to a 33-1 success in the seller.
Sturla Gunnarsson's Rare Birds is a delightful romp set in Newfoundland about Dave Purcell (William Hurt) and his failing restaurant, The Auk.
Residents include common and thick-billed mures, black-legged kittiwakes, black guillemots and razorbills, an uncommon species that resembles the extinct Great Auk.
D'Errico, writing on the avian forms in the Grotte Cosquer (1994a; 1994b) presents the thesis that they represent Great Auks; he quotes one of us correctly as saying that the birds in the engraved panel from El Pendo (Cantabria, Spain) look like 19th-century illustrations of the extinct Great Auk, Pinguinus impennis (Eastham 1968).
What suffered or proliferated with the disappearance of the great auk, a large, diving sea bird once common on America's Atlantic coast?
Technip (Paris:TEC) (ISIN:FR0000131708) has been awarded by Talisman Energy (UK) Limited two engineering, procurement and installation contracts, worth in excess of [euro]40 million on a lump sum basis, for the development of the Auk North and Burghley fields.
The GSS is held on a biennial basis at AUK, and brings together local, regional, and international scholars of the Gulf to engage in interdisciplinary discussions on important topics that are timely to both the region and the field of Gulf studies.
AUK first in sub-sea engineering is planned for Newcastle as part of a multi-million pound regeneration deal.
EMC also said AUK had improved storage utilisation 400%,