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Synonyms for augury

a phenomenon that serves as a sign or warning of some future good or evil

Synonyms for augury

an event that is experienced as indicating important things to come

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Her GDs were maintained by cognitive biases, such as jumping to conclusions (making inferences for the augury results) and selective attention (ignoring the disproving evidence of being incapable of predicting the future through augury).
Having established some comparative reference points, the Kershaws, in the second three-quarters of their paper, analyze the traditional system of augury of the Brunei Dusun and in two substantial appendices, they systematically document individual Brunei-Dusun omens, including those relating to dreams, thereby making a substantial and important contribution to the ethnographic literature.
137) that in augury "there is nothing to indicate that the field of observation was limited, as was the case with Roman augury," one could point to the sketch of what seems to be just such a field drawn on the reverse of the tablet KUB XLIX 60 (cf.
Even though stressing his own ability to don a variety of masks, and thus demonstrate his freedom, Priimagi (his name, by the way, translates as "free mountain") still predominantly adopts a tone of augury and prophecy.
Is Buzz Lehrman's rock-video Romeo and Juliet an augury of the future of mass-appeal Shakespeare?
For thousands of years, people have been trying to wrest augury out of the weather, and they've always been wrong.
Hyginus (according to Servius) says the city was named from an augury involving the `heron' (ardea).
The word that means a sign of something coming, an omen, is augury.
292) (he was the first of several to carry the surname Pulcher, "handsome"); elected consul (249), he was sent to Sicily to prosecute the war with the Carthaginians there; desiring to strengthen the Roman blockade of the Carthaginian stronghold at Lilybaeum (Marsala), he attacked their fleet off Drepanum; leading 123 ships to the attack, he paused--as required by religion and tradition--to conduct an augury, waiting to see if the sacred chickens ate their grain with sufficient gusto to indicate success; when the chickens balked, Pulcher is supposed to have snarled, "Well, if they will not eat, then let them drink
DuBoff behaves entirely like an economist, despite the subtitle, in his brilliant, concise augury, Accumulation & Power: An Economic History of the United States.
The Company also announces the merger of its Nevada mining and exploration assets, with those of a private American company, Augury Institute (Mr.
To declare him absconder is not good augury for the government.
But those who see tonight as some kind of augury also have logic on their side.
He said that with the election of new President another huge step had been taken towards smooth transfer of power in a democratic dispensation which was a good augury for democracy in the country.
Speaking at the Saudi-Chinese Youth Forum presentation at Fudan University in Shanghai on Wednesday, Prince Mansour bin Miteb, minister of municipal and rural affairs, said the coming together of the youth of the two countries is a good augury.