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Synonyms for augury

a phenomenon that serves as a sign or warning of some future good or evil

Synonyms for augury

an event that is experienced as indicating important things to come

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On the other hand, if you sign up for Augury and Entropy, billed as 'thought provoking dance-theatre addressing displacement, home(land), climate change and endangered insects' then I bid you good luck, my friend.
Ma's failure to mention Japan in his inaugural speech last month, Turton added, ''Was an augury of the future -- a future that is now becoming the present.
Reading The Penguin Book of English Verse edited by John Hayward and The Penguin Book of American Verse edited by Jeffrey Moore, which are two volumes abound with the works of greats like Emily Dickinson, William Blake, Earnest Hemingway, Williams Carlos Williams, Emily Bronte in addition to poets, who believed in power of a poet's augury, is quite helpful.
Traditional Iban augury represents, perhaps, our best documented instance.
LET'S JUST AGREE UP FRONT that there's no augury or metaphor in it, but the fact remains that South Dakota Sen.
My favorite is Rule IX: "All books and writings dealing with geomancy, hydromancy, areomancy, pyromancy, oneiromancy, chiromancy, necromancy, or with sortilege, mixing of poisons, augury, auspices, sorcery, and magic arts are absolutely repudiated.
In a rue Jacob hotel bedroom I woke up, sweat-drenched, feverish; I observed the wallpaper's mesmerizing, dull pattern, its refusal to serve as reliable augury.
The key is to lay it all out as dead certainty, no matter how wacky the augury.
The practice of augury, in all likelihood, also dates back to pre-Empire times.
But those who seek it out will find a mordant reflection on the grim century just passing and perhaps an augury of the one to come.
Balla Sola's second in the Triumph looked an encouraging augury, but the trainer said: "That just gave us false hope.
Augury, the work Dendy just choreographed for PNB to the Philip Glass Violin Concerto, has angels as a theme.
Even though stressing his own ability to don a variety of masks, and thus demonstrate his freedom, Priimagi (his name, by the way, translates as "free mountain") still predominantly adopts a tone of augury and prophecy.
Is Buzz Lehrman's rock-video Romeo and Juliet an augury of the future of mass-appeal Shakespeare?