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Synonyms for augury

a phenomenon that serves as a sign or warning of some future good or evil

Synonyms for augury

an event that is experienced as indicating important things to come

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Kay begins by deciding that her auguries lead straight to Lou (Tom Lycos).
Sadly for the 2006 DFS Classic winner such comforting auguries are pretty thin on the ground as she prepares to take on world No.
But auguries are not so good for Trueman, whose contract expires at the end of this campaign and who will no doubt arouse interest at Moseley if, and probably when, he becomes available.
The auguries are not good, however, and so far only February 17, the day after the Norwich Union grand prix, has been guaranteed.
The auguries are better for Taylor, whose first taste of action against United was to save a penalty by Wayne Rooney.
But if Scotland are to make it this season - and auguries are good - then they will find that three of their key players are earning a living in the West Midlands.
But if Harewood fails to make the grace at Villa Park (and auguries are not good), O'Neill will be forced to dip back into the transfer market for the type of striker that every big club is looking to sign.
Auguries were good for Birmingham City from the moment a betting advertisement on the official Liverpool website asked the question: "Could it be 6-0 again?
Albion's 4-0 victory at home to Ipswich Town on Saturday, achieved with the type of finishing that would have graced the Premier League, was an indication that the auguries are good.
McClaren would not be drawn on team selection for the match on Wednesday against Russia but auguries are good for Barry.
He knows that one goal against Barnsley does not make a career but it does provide encouraging auguries.
There will be a fourth if Bruce is able to sign Mido from Tottenham, but auguries are not good.
Still, at least auguries are good for the remainder of what was, until yesterday, the most depressing Wimbledon championships in a generation.
But auguries are not good, especially with everything conspiring to favour Roger Federer.
Auguries are not good for Nadal but more than favourable for Federer, who can much of his time relaxing, practising, and benefiting from a series of massages.