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Synonyms for augural

of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means

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Aunque para ciertos puntos las pruebas existentes sean escasas, considero que se puede trazar un itinerario bastante claro en la carrera temprana de este hombre: parece indiscutible su presencia en el colegio augural desde edad muy temprana, y me parece improbable que ocupara la magistratura monetal y, sobre todo, la cuestura durante la campana de Magnesia.
dawn augural, I omitted the morning odes to my limitations and rushed
Scotland, the hosts Republic of Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland took part in the in augural event in the Irish capital last year.
Quaid-e- Azam in his message to the in augural convention of Institute of Engineers, Pakistan had said: 'If Pakistan is to take a proper place among progressive nations, it will have to take up a good deal of leeway in the realm of scientific and technical education .
The championships, part of the in augural Cyber Security @ Gitex ini tiative, continue in Hall 1 of the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, culminating in a prize giving ceremony.
Under Operation Augural, Canada's Department of National Defence (DND) provided training for the troops operating the armoured vehicles.
finals after event in 1 augural Dunedin Otago Stadium capacity 30,000 One of three venues on the South Island, it hosts four pool games, including England's ties against Argentina, Georgia and Romania.
95) El concepto de Italia como territorio presenta antiguos nexos con el derecho divino, pontifical y augural (ver P.
As Neustadt writes in Presidential Power, "A President's transition can be defined in two ways, narrowly by the time-span between election and augural, broadly by the time until he and his principal associates become familiar with the work they have to do, including what to ask of one another and what to expect in response" (1980, 217).
Cornificius and augural symbolism on late republican denariis, Historia 24, 1915, 592-602, in partic.
Ovid seems to be exploiting these connotations where he draws attention to pater Caesar's augural authority, twice within one couplet (191-92):
Every the success of the augural Coventry Bike Rid last year this year's even aims to raise pounds 25,000 for the British Heart Foundation.
The augural Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Week - which ran last week - aims to encourage people to raise vital funds for better research into earlier detection and treatment.
Other examples include Dhuge and Saga 'Enge, clans which taboo Zita wood, owing to their use of a Zita tree (Alstonia scholaris; Verheijen 1984:45) in an augural rite during annual hunting ceremonies.