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of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means

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These names (among which 'Caesar' is included, but does not naturally belong) (92) are all human honours, and distinguishable from the great name which ranks with Jove, with its divine and augural connotations (611-12).
The best in the Welsh property sector were honoured at an augural awards ceremony last week.
The circle generates a sphere, which is the totality and unity of all, and the square produces the squared (quadrata) place, which men make for their habitation within the spherical heavens by using augural procedures to impose right-angled axes and to incorporate celestial rotations.
11) Livy describes how Numa's authority was ratified by augural omens, and while some of his textual details find parallels in the painting (such as Numa sitting on a 'foundation' stone), others are closer to Plutarch's account of the same events, namely the chief augur standing, rather than seated, behind Numa and the specification of auspicious birds.
A women's business forum established by one of Staffordshire's leading business organisations attracted a dazzling guest to speak at its augural meeting, Anne Diamond.
De alguna manera, el proceso no es muy diferente -nos recuerda Martin Pops en su augural "The Metamorphosis of Shit"--a lo que hace la gacela cuando la acomete el leopardo.
CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom -- Beecham Research today confirms that founder and CEO Robin Duke-Woolley has been named an Augural Analyst by Connected World magazine, Robin Duke-Woolley and three other analysts honored with the 2013 Augural Analyst award have been recognized as those who have exhibited "rare insight into M2M, demonstrated an uncanny ability to identify trends, and maybe even influenced the direction of the industry itself.
In an augural speech, Qatari MP Mohammad bin Abdullah Al-Sulaiti, head of the seminar, said that the meeting has a key aim so as to achieve integration, enhance the Gulf joint action, which is a backbone and drive to keep pace with challenges of this period, and facilitate ways of coordination and cooperation for achieving economic interest.
ANNIE POWER is tipped to extend her unbeaten run in the augural running of the Grade 1 Irish Stallion Farms EBF Mares Novice Hurdle at Fairyhouse tomorrow.
On Saturday, the two-time Olympian gave back to the community that has offered unwavering support to his professional track career by hosting the in augural Nick Symmonds Springfield 800 road race.
He was addressing an augural ceremony of a 3-day International Conference held in collaboration with World Health Organization(WHO) and Punjab government on the topic of dengue and its control at a local hotel, here today.
For the first time ever, five matches were decided on a bowl-out, with three more on a coin toss as heavy rain washed out the chances of play in the augural events.
On Monday May 12, 32 teams from firms across the region will battle it out on the hallowed turf at Aston Villa to reign supreme as the 2008 winners of the augural Baker Tilly Professional Cup.
He said: "Junior clubs have campaigned to be in the Scottish Cup for years and we are thrilled it has happened and that we are one of three involved in the augural season.
Kershaw (1998b) about the basic supernatural dynamics of Brunei-Dusun augury: initially at the end of Section 1; then further in 2, as part of the Brunei-Dusun profile; but especially in 3, where attitudes towards and basic application of the traditional augural science are discussed.