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dark-green to black glassy mineral of the pyroxene group containing large amounts of aluminum and iron and magnesium

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Olivine occurs as corroded, anhedral, individual or clusters of cumulus grains, poikilitically included in intercumulus augite (Fig.
The clinopyroxene is greenish pleochroic, and may range from aegirine augite to aegirine.
1996) reported that Vertisols around the world are originated from basalt, granite, andesite, biotte, augite, olivine, limestone and dolomite; parent material that gives high fertility to those soils originated from them, and therefore crops are good.
Particularly, opacification type alterations occurred around augite and hornblend minerals which were the main components of the used specimens.
The intensity of the diffraction peaks of crystals of augite increases with the rise of amount of basaltic rocks.
Clinopyroxene phenocrysts may be strongly zoned with ferrous augite as core rounded with titan augite and thin rim of acmite.
MINERALS Level of abundance JSO-1/JSO-2 JSO-2 * Contamination soils Allophane +++ +++ + Quartz + + - + Plagioclase - + X K-feldspar X - X Augite - + X Gibbsite + - + X Hematite - - X Magnetite - - + 7A halloysite X - X Orthopyroxene X X + - Hydrated halloysite X - X Olivine - - + Glass + - + - +++ abundant; + -: common; +: existent; -: rare, X: not detected * Terashima et al.
OLIVINE Ca-PLAGIOCLASE AUGITE Ca-Na-PLAGIOCLASE HORNBLENDE Na-Ca-PLAGIOCLASE Na-PLAGIOCLASE BIOTITE K-FELDSPARS MUSCOVITE QUARTZ Table 2 Comparison of hardness, density, and cleavage for some common rock-forming minerals transported in rivers.
Back then, "with no headlands to bump into, the beach sand was free to move, allowing the zircon, pink garnet, green hornblende and other minerals eroding off of southern Oregon's Klamath Mountains to move north and mingle with flecks of dark green augite and brown hornblende sifting down the rivers draining the central Coast Range," she writes.
A natural fit for fuzzy logic was found when analytical chemist described the decision for classification as: "The basalt phase augite has significant abundance of iron, large abundance of calcium and little or no titanium.
Mineralogical composition is mainly calcite with some hematites, augite and quartz.
Interstitial augite and pigeonite have in part been altered to amphibole and mica.
Microprobe analyses of pyroxenes document a composition of augite according to IMA classification (Morimoto 1988).
The essential minerals of the basalts are the expected plagioclase, augite, olivine and iron-titanium oxides, while minor amounts of apatite, ferroaugite, and analcite were detected in some units.
The only samples in our suite of standards analyzed by more than one laboratory or different analysts were: Cr-bearing augite from Nevada; A-99 basaltic glass from Hawaii; and partial analyses of hornblende, pyrope, and augite from Kakanui, New Zealand, and VG-2 glass from the Juan de Fuca Ridge.