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dark-green to black glassy mineral of the pyroxene group containing large amounts of aluminum and iron and magnesium

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La roche du dyke presente une prismation horizontale particuliere et une texture variant de subophitique a microporphyrique abondante en augite contenant du titane, en plagioclase calcique, en phenocristaux dbrthopyroxene idiomorphes disperses et en amas d'augite glomerophyrique granuleuse avec feldspath plagioclase.
Particularly, opacification type alterations occurred around augite and hornblend minerals which were the main components of the used specimens.
The intensity of the diffraction peaks of crystals of augite increases with the rise of amount of basaltic rocks.
is a dense porphyritic basalt with about twenty percent of tabular plagioclase and minor augite and olivine phenocrysts.
At the same time a large crystal of Cr-bearing augite became available with approximately 0.
5 mm) vessel fragment exposes plagioclase (the white, long and narrow mineral grains at the edge), and augite and olivine (in the centre of the photograph, you can see the olivine is largest).
The combined optical and SEM/EDX work shows that the heavy minerals in the MPH sandstone consist of (by weight) diopside (59%), calcic amphibole (25%), ahnandine-rich garnet (5%), and a few less abundant phases including augite, talcminnesotaite, grossular-rich garnet, and Fe-Ti oxide.
These holes are in the same geological location as the Malachite Zone along the contact of the augite syenite and the Two Duck Lake gabbro but are one kilometer to the south of the Malachite Zone.
The result reveals that Quarts, Calcite and Feldspar are major minerals while Hematite and Augite are secondary ones (Table 2).
Essential minerals are phenocrysts and glomerocrysts of anorthoclase, sanidine up to 1,5 cm and anorthoclase-mantled plagioclase; accessory minerals are red biotite, and hastingsite while trace minerals are augite, zircon, sphene and magnetite.
15 Primary rock forming minerals(B) (%) Olivine 10 Plagioclase 12 Magnetite 10 Augite 30 Orthoclase Minor Apatite 0.
Pyroxenes from olivine diabase porphyry plots just inside the augite field adjacent to the diopside-augite boundary (Fig.
8a; Winchester and Floyd 1977; modified by Pearce 1996), fractionation of early crystallizing phases such as olivine, augite and plagioclase does not significantly affect either the Zr/Ti or Nb/Y ratio because all four elements are incompatible in these phases.
Augite occurs as fresh, pale pinkish-brown, elongate prisms, as uralitized grains, or pseudomorphed by smectite.