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But it is a safe bet that the biggest cheer of the night will be saved for Tim Healy, Kevin Whately and Jimmy Nail - or rather their Auf Wiedersehen, Pet alter egos, Dennis, Neville and Oz, when they grace the stage with sketches specially written for the occasion by the show's writers, Dick Clements and Ian le Frenais.
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet made stars of Jimmy Nail, Tim Healy, Timothy Spall and Kevin Whateley, who have gone on to become some of the biggest names in television.
The convention ends on Sunday with a Tyne Idols guided bus tour of TV and film locations around Newcastle-Gateshead including places used in Auf Wiedersehen Pet, The Likely Lads, Spender, Our Friends In the North and many more.
I started training with Pat Roach [who plays Bomber in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet] while we were filming and now I'm really hooked on it.
The Auf Wiedersehen banquet will be a unique experience and I'm looking forward to sharing some stories.
Of course, Auf Wiedersehen was seen as having a strong Geordie base - introducing us as it did to Tim Healy, Jimmy Nail and Kevin Whately - so it is entirely appropriate its 30th anniversary should be celebrated by a weekend of pure nostalgia here on the banks of the Tyne.
The fashion fiesta also featured former Rovers Return landlady Denise Welch, her actor husband Tim Healy, star of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, and former Brookside star Claire Sweeney.
AUF Wiedersehen, Pet stars are to reunite on Tyneside to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the TV series first hitting our screens.
His opponents include Mafia hood Tony Soprano, the A-Team's BA Baracus, Oz from Auf Wiedersehen Pet and Terry from Minder.
Don't: Confuse him with thick Barry from Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.
And for some, to mention Hebburn in the same sentence as the illustrious Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is seen as sacrilege.
The only British productions to get near the top were Big Brother at four, The Blue Planet at eight and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet landing in at No10.
The soap was Family Affairs, the now-cancelled drama on Channel 5, and the project he gave it up for was Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.
First they were based in Germany, then Arizona, but the next series of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet will see the motley crew of Geordie builders in the Caribbean.